Understanding attack power?

I’ve got a 4400 team , I’ve been playing years now but even still learning today . I of course spent money and didnt get any 5 star ninja heroes but I did get a 4 star she the blue ninja sapphire. I took grazul out because I wanted a hard hitter so I leveled sapphire up to 20 emblems to where shes hitting at 290% at 822 to all enemies when I get my 3rd charge .

I just played a team with a 10 emblem ursena as thier tank which hits at 260% to all enemies with 807 attack and thier purple troop was leveled at only a 7 .
She was their tank so she hit me at full power and was doing 500 to 600 damage to each of my heroes and I had no yellow heroes to let her do extra damage . She had no heroes to increase her attack like boldtusk just her hitting alone .

My turn I hit with sapphire to all enemies with my level 17 ravenger warrior troop and did 400 to 450 damage to all enemies.

So why would their hero hit harder than mine when I had a hero that had 30% more hitting power and 16 more attack and a higher level troop than them . Their heros I faced where a lower vela than I was playing with , joon , vivica ,Thorne and grim all lower level than my heroes .

The question why wouldnt my hero hit harder and at 20 emblems on blue ninja sapphire 290% at 822 attack that’s exactly the same amount of hitting power killhare with 10 emblems but I’ve played against killhare with lower attack and emblems and that did more damage as well .

Am I missing something about attack power and hitting percentages ?

Not sure if it is everything, but I believe there is a 20% defense buff for the defending team in raids.



@SaintsandLsu I hope this thread also helps you understand how attacking power and damage calculation works: Damage Calculation


And +20% Attack stat. Not damage. Except for DOT which bypasses defense stat and ignores soft cap for attack stat.



(Understanding DoT (Damage over Time))

For forum lurkers, A.I. advantages ( old post )

([Primer] Defense AI Cheats or why computer gets first move, trickle mana & bonus damage and how to exploit/ defend against it for more trophies)

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Thanks for the info , I’m looking over it , kind of hard to understand but looking over it a couple times should clarify it better for me . Thanks again

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