Understandimg atack damage Help

Hello guys, I really like to understand how damage of specials really works. Iv made saveral, a lot, atack raids. And recently Im facing a doubt, that is why the oponents inflict more damage than my heros. I recently took print screen to try to understand and I really keep don’t understanding. In advance, the oponent is a sartana, but its the same to other heros so this example Sartana. Adv got +23 atack troop. And inflicted my sartana with

it’s 869 damage. Is a lot. Great shot. And now is my turn to atack her sartana with my sartana. With + 18 atack troop. Boooom 632 damage woooow. That’s a lot of a difference for only 5% more atack troop. Can some one more experienced in calculations explain this to me and others please. Thank you, and if the devs could merge into the correct place, I’m thankful. For that.

So there’s a great player guide on attack damage here:


The defence team gets a 20% attack buff as the advantage in raids lies with the attack team (you have the ability to time specials, move tiles etc… Vs. a dumb ai :wink: )


I read there, is that the defense got the 20% increase. not 20% atacks… Or my atack got 20% decrease??? Shouldn’t be the defense got 20% defense??? I’m really confused. And don’t understand

Defence TEAM gets a 20% increase in ATTACK :slight_smile:

You can check it if you want.

Before you start the fight, look at the attack stat of the enemy hero & their troop boost.

Then go star the raid & check the enemy stats by tapping & holding on the hero.


Yes. I did it. And the math matches with that 20% extra. Thank you


And a 20% increase in Defense, too, as a side note — useful to remember when calculating damage taken by a Defense Team.


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