Underrated 4* heroes

I have done some calculations on attack output etc. Think I have discovered (old News to some) underrated heroes. Kelile and Chao are not very popular heros according to many threads. However, They’re actually not obviously inferior as 4* snipers. Kelile is among the snipers that deal most damage out of the 4* and is sturdier than many. Chao’s damage is quite average among the snipers, but he is quite sturdy, and his 25% mana reduction can be really useful. Other 4*s you think are undeservely unpopular?


Always difficult to evaluate the value of specials against raw damage. In raw damage Triton will usually be the strongest 4* sniper. High attack stat snipers will do compartively better against stronger opponents. All in all, I’d say Guardian Jackal is the best 4* sniper when paired with other Holy


I agree with you about Kelile. She was given a nice buff a few months ago that has gone largely unnoticed. She’s a very solid 4* sniper now.

Some others that come to mind:

  • Danzaburo - the little badger has two parts of his skill that are 5* quality, and then the “oops” one-third of the time. He can be very impactful if you’re lucky.
  • Kiril - perhaps he’s not underrated (7DD’s guide does put him at A) but I don’t hear many people prioritizing him. He’s a 4* you’ll use forever; I have two maxed and used both last war against red tanks. Sturdy as rock, and his buffs and heal are not only welcome but reverse any -defense and -attack ailments you’ve picked up.
  • Sabina - Everyone loves the other purple 4* healer, Rigard, but Sabina doesn’t get much respect. She does huge tile damage and a solid heal. But the big bonus is the debuff against your foes. She’s a great candidate for those Sorcerer emblems (who else are you putting them on?) to create the equivalent of a 5* healer/debuff – which is a very handy skill set. There’s no 5* hero that can do a whole-team debuff without first hitting, which can be quite painful if you’ve let Elena or Boss Wolf set up a riposte.

Hmm, it may be time for me to look at maxing my two Kelile at 3-60 I’ve had there for months on end. I for one was unaware of the buff.


Agreed with Kerridoc on Danzaburro. On paper he seemed like a complete no-no to me, and I only maxed him because I had run out of yellow options. He turned out super useful and often change the course of a match. Plus he’s really durable.

Lancelot - I almost don’t read about him at all, and to me he is one of the best 4 star reds. With attack stat only slightly second to Scarlett, but amazing buff, for me he’s top 3 4 star snipers. He’s doing amazing on stacks against green titans. I think that because there are so many good red 4 stars and that he’s an event hero in an event full of other super-stars, he’s not getting the attention he deserves.

Valeria - very tanky and surprisingly effective after the buff she received. I think because she was so weak before, people ‘meh’ her, but she’s really viable now. That 60% regeneration skill can turn any healer into laughable clown. She helps managing the target priority. And you can micromanage the damage over time distribution - whether to suck more out of a single target, or to spread that across few heroes.

Actually, she got that buff around 1.5 year ago :smiley: It was before I started playing. She was one of my first 4 stars and I read a lot of negative opinions about her on the forums, not understanding why because she was very useful to me. Then I learnt she was buffed in the meantime, but the hate was already spilled. She only got replaced in my main rainbow squad when I pulled Marjana and took her to 3.70. Now I rarely use my maxed Kelile, but agree, she is definitely not a bad hero. Her DOT even surpasses Marjana’s.


Suicide bunny - I agree - superfast Valerie is seriously underrated. On a good stroll of blue tiles she’s a killer!


Cyprian & Boril
Used at the right time on offense, they’ll kill a whole legendary AoE team.

Little John
He’s so cool to slow down mana charging.

Average AoE with elemental def up (like Kash) for the whole team. He’s a decent blue tank, especially with talents.

Hu Tao, the slow AoE Bane…


or… Poor Man’s Justice.


I see some but not much discussion about Ameonna, I love having a hero that can’t be hit for 4 turns.


I like her too and am going to feed her emblems but I still struggle as to the best way to use her though? How do you use her?

I used her as my main progress through the map team until I got to Ursena the first time. But I also kept her with Sumitomo because of the family bonus.

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His damage is soooo meh. Again, he was great in the omit-purple 4* rush attack tourney, but that’s going to be about once a year!

I do quite like boril on titans as many as AoE. He can earn a good few points and doesn’t die immediately.

I’m going to give a vote to LJ too. I used him in the recent barbarian/rogue trial and he was great for keeping the bosses at bay, especially Azlar.


definitely agree with Kiril, Lancelot, Sabina and Chao. all great heroes that I have who have helped me a lot

I will add

Li Xiu. Average mana and reduces mana of all by 20%, quite useful against multiple bosses / enemies

Skittleskull. yes, slow mana isn’t good, but has a high attack stat and a useful attack debuff. without Skittles i wouldn’t have been able to beat Ursena on hard mode

Gormek often gets ignored in favor of higher-attack Grimm. but Gormek has more survivability and can use his special more often.

Triton. great synergy with healers and especially with Kiril. you can choose if you want to fire Triton first so Kiril heals more, or fire Kiril first so Triton hits harder. Great hard hitting sniper

Jack O’Hare. fast AOE with great attack stat. yes, defense down is bad, but if you use Jack well you will murder or at least maim the enemy before the defense debuff happens.


Well that is a surprise. Well played!


well I didn’t have other attack debuffers like Scarlett yet. and I only had Sabina and Aeron and Kiril as healers, so I had to do a defense buff / attack debuff strategy to survive!



This guy is one of the heroes that makes up the backbone of my main team. Granted his damage as a ranger isn’t all that great but he is a really great partner with Proteus. Imo he is a great all around hero that sees a lot of usage from me and I do not see him used all that often.


Her special is really good for high tile damage. Even without it, she is still good for stacking. I use her special to get out of dodge of an opponents special, build up the board with purple tiles for a couple turns then let em rip on the final turn of Ghost mode. I use her in AWs where I have a ton of purples left and she can be used.

Cyprian and Boril

Yes the riposte bros I believe are heavily underrated because even though they can be easily debuffed they both are fairly sturdy to survive a lot of hits. Although this is more the case with Boril than Cyprian though.

Little John

Yeah, he is fairly squishy for a slow mana 4 star but his special is immense when it goes off. AoE mana slowdown is awesome! I know when I finally get him, I am gonna power level his bacon up. I have more than enough shields and I have enough gloves and compasses. He is one I would definitely take into a rush attack tournament.


Chao’s mana reduction is situational I’d say, 25% on average saves you about 2 turns (more or less depending on stray tiles) and it’s only 1 target too. The attack being low doesn’t help this as I’d rather KO a problematic target than just stall them.

But I’d say that the Ranger tree buffed Chao. He now gets one of the best trees to fix his mediocre attack :slight_smile:

He was my only Ranger at the time I emblemed him but he’s become a lot more useful with that nice attack stat at 700. He’ll hit 730 with a couple more emblems, which is respectable.


I second that! I took Skitts down to fight the sea witch and was very happy I did!


Many are underrated, beside the debuffer and elemental debuffer 4stars. Amoenna, the cat, but my most beloved underrated 4star, fully emblemed captain jack :grinning:

Ps: he will love next challenge event!


I agree with many of the suggestions here

Underrated include: Kelile, Chao, Danzaburo, Jack O’Hare, Valeria imo

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