Underdog Battles

Hello everyone. On my YouTube channel ski-ski, I trial different avenues of attacks and battles on Sunday I even do what’s called an underdog raid attack. It’s where I first trial three attacks with four vs five and then later on an additional three attacks with three vs five. By the most parts, it’s a losing uphill battle but it gives you an opportunity to pick your best three guys against five guys at your choice from the raid grouping.

I also have different videos pertaining to war preparation, war attacks, raids of solid color attacks, raids of multicolor attacks, underdog raid attacks, recruitment, titan attacks, and I’m going quests.

It’s a different perspective o. Empires and puzzles. You can laugh, cheer, boo, and celebrate with me on my adventures as you learn new things about the game!

Come one, come all!


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This was fun. Got a good board first time I tried it. I doubt you can get another team of 3 winning against a 4.6k TP team this quickly

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