Under water levels do not count for the under water level missions

I am not sure if this is a wording bug in the german version only, or if it applies to englisch as well:
Season 4 “under water Levels” do not count towards the “under water level Mission” counter:

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Because this is mission for atlantis underwater levels. Bot a bug.


I get that. maybe the wording should be improved to make that clearer.

It does have the “Atlantis” icon. But theoretically someone could be confused now. They did fix PoV underwater levels tasks to accept both from Season 2 and Season 4. I guess the solution here is to change the name of the mission to “Season II Special Levels”.

Weird what goes into translating “season”: “Saison” being so regional feels really weird to me. Of course “Jahreszeit” wouldn’t make any sense, so I guess they had to use the Fremdwort there. The sense of season in English is more like “Serie” in the sense of years of a television series, but that would also carry the wrong connotations in German.

when i was doing s3 hard the skull dude boss thats in season 2 on 15-9, appears in S3 and that did count towards the season 2 avatar i did report it …no idea if it still counts now … Was a while ago …


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