Undecided which 5* to focus on first

First of all, this forum has been a great resource to avoid beginner mistakes. You guys are great. I did an Atlantis x10 and x30 pull over the weekend after months of saving my gems and got a couple projects to work on.

My roster as of now;

Red: Wilbur +17, 2x Scarlett, Coleen 4.64
Still no Boldtusk yet, unfortunately.

Blue: Grimm +17, 2nd Grimm, 2x Kiril, Sonya, Triton 4.61

Green: Caedmon +16, 2nd Caedmon, Buddy, Melendor

Yellow: Guardian Jackaal +15, Wukong, Chao, LiXiu, Danzaburo 3.60
Stopped working on Danza when I received Joon from TC20.

Purple: Proteus +15, Tiburtus +16, Rigard, 2x Sabina, 2nd Rigard 4.68

I’m going to finish all the 4* heroes in the next couple days and plan to start working on my first set of 5* heroes next, as I’d only have another round of duplicates anyway. But I’m unsure whom to focus on first, especially green and blue.

Purple: I only have Domitia and 12 Tabbards, so it’s an easy decision here. Going to max her and will have enough mats to work on another one, when I get one.

Yellow: As I already mentioned, I left Danza at 3.60 to work on Joon. He’s currently 2.41. Over the weekend I was lucky to get Poseidon as well. I have 11 Darts, by the time Joon is maxed and Poseidon reaches 3.70 I should get another one.

Red: I have an Azlar and 2 Elenas, 13 rings. Neither seem to be the highest priority but I gotta work with what I’ve got. Was thinking about maxing one of them and save the remaining rings if I get lucky to pull Jean-Francaise or TC20 gives me Marjana. Not sure whether Azlar or Elena are the better choice though.

Blue: Magni, Isania, Vela. I have 9 Telescopes, so can only max one of them. If I understand right Isarnias and Wilburs def down would overwrite each other? So would Magnis and Wilburs defense buff? Vela seems great for titans, but with no 5* blues yet I think I should focus on a few others first. What do you guys think?

Green: Zeline and Lianna. Got both these gems over the weekend pulls. I have 14 tonics, will max both, but am kinda lost whom to work on first. Luxury problem haha

Zeline would add some utility to my roster, in particular for raids and war defense. Lianna though, would be my most lethal sniper once she’s maxed. I’m leaning slightly towards Zeline because she’d have a greater effect on my war defense imo, but I’m far from decided yet.

For what it’s worth I have Leonidas and Horghall sitting at 1.1 for a while now, collecting dust, but Joon/Poseidon and Zeline/Lianna are obviously the better choices.

Not sure if it makes a difference, but just in case. I have saved about 2.000 Rugged Clothes, 1.600 Backpacks and close to 8.000 recruits sitting in TC11. Using them when I was working on 4* duplicates, healer and lower priority heroes (Coleen, Danza…) when I had nothing else to work on seemed kind of wasteful. So I saved them instead to throw at my first batch of 5* heroes once they start showing up.

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Congrats. What a great collection u have.

For me personally, i will maxed 5* fast sniper first as they are the backbone of this game and can be used to any occasion. Joon or poseidon (up to u), lianna, magni, they are good sniper.

Zeline is another important character. That need to be maxed asap.

So maybe right now u can try to max 1 yellow (joon or posidon) as sniper, alongside with 1 green which is zeline (super useful utility character).

Raising two 5* at the same time is okay. Split the food equally between 1 yellow sniper and zeline


Don’t underestimate Azlar. He’s a ■■■■■■■ killer and I hate him so much.

Elena is the better choice due to versatility. Very useful against titans (so is Azlar) but even more so in S2 map levels where her riposte will help you a lot! Regarding the other colors I agree with mogulemon.

You seem to have it all figured out except reds. Elena is awesome against event stages, bosses, titans, raids. Pretty much everything. However, you should remember, wilbur’s damage share makes her riposte effective against hit-all enemies. The snipers’ damage is reduced and shared, so instead of 1000, riposte damage becomes 450 or such.

About azlar, i emblemed him and never regretted it, he is a very versatile hero as well, and works very well with wilbur. But elena needs to be maxed earlier, in case you pull a hotm.

I got two cents to spare for blhes as well. Do not level isarnia, she is the one you need the least. However, magni is not an obvious choice there. I know it is not a popular idea probably due to vela is still not very commonly used, vela wins by large margin. Couple her with grimm, kiril and triton, and you will see. Very deadly combo. But what you get from magni would be much more narrow in defense or offense. One-shotting vs killem all, your call.

Yellow: Poseidon
Purple: sounds like you have enough to max dom and max someone better later
Green: zel
Blue: magni
Red: tough call… both have good and bad reasons… I’d bring both to 3/70 and see who you use more. Keep in mind Elena is suuuper squish at that level. But you’ll still get a feel for how she fits into your line up… and since you do have colen, that makes me lean more towards Elena (plus she has a costume which makes her more appealing)

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Holy : Joon / Poseidon then find 2 Jackals no doubt about that.

Dark : Domitia is decent and pretty underrate, her yellow defense buff is rare gem despite average mana that can fix with talent class and mana troops.

Ice : Vela for titan and raid, she’s decent and worthy for a set of scope, February Atlantis Frida will make her return to Portal along with Ariel and Arthur in Avalon but you have time to think about it later.

Nature : Grrrr… Zeline and Lianna won’t goes wrong with both of great ladies unless you want to try for Lady Lake in Avalon.

Red : Elena’s riposte is helping me dearly in latter stage of Atlantis Hard, I know Azlar is cool but Francois will take his set of Rings :rofl:

Yellow- Poseidon
Joon its good heroe but he it’s a little bit fragile and on the coming heroes like Teluria and s3 you will have better protection from Poseidon.

Purple- Domitia you have enough mats and for second purple if you get.

Green - Zeilin one of the best utility hero on the game and you have enough snipers in the another colors

Blue- Magni one of the best sniper on the game but you will have to make and another decision for the emblems here

Red- you can wait for JF. JF V2 it’s not so good but it will be better than Elena and Azlar, atleast he will be fast.


In my honest opinion, I would focus on maxing:
Good luck

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