Undecided on Boltusk and Grimm or Gormek and Kiril

Hi all, new player here but kinda addicted to the game.
Gormek at lvl 230 and Kiril at lvl 120 but just pulled Grimm and Boldtusk this morning.
Should I go ahead with Gormek and Kiril as a tank and flank or level Boldtusk and Grimm instead?
Btw, had Melendor at 2*40 to compensate for Boldtusk’s healing and three Wu is kindda too much…lol.

Grimm is the strongest ramming pulverizer hero, but low def. Gormek is the weakest but high life.
It’s really tough as you are still beginning but I would go with Boldtusk and Grimm. BT is awesome and I always thought he is a 5* on a 4* body. Soon you will be playing the boards to search blue tiles.
And to finish, Kiril is VERY valuable. Very. He is a hero you will use when you have 20 5* heroes ready. Hold onto him and level him after Grimm. You will use both together against red tanks a lot, and on early game red is the best tank color.


Agree with @Luiz, BT is one of the best 4* tanks and healers while Grimm is the best pulverizer.

But Kiril is pretty good too.

Another vote for boldtusk and grimm

I would go Bold and Kiril and then Grimm.

But he already has Melendor as his green. That would be too many healers and he would lack firepower

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Thanks a lot for the feedback. I appreciated it.
Gonna level Gormek, Boldtusk and Grim then.
Btw, am still on Bane for yellow but Wu at lvl 3 * 15 is lurking or maybe Chao.
Quintus is the only 5 * so might as well level him as it looks like pulling 5 * is harder than hitting a jackpot…sigh!

I’d really advise against leveling Quintus. Early on you should focus on getting a good 3* then 4* team going then fill out your bench with more 4s. That will allow you to farm more mats more effectively (better titan scores war results, rare quest and event success). Then when you have mats saved up you can level 5s.

Remember, in a lot of cases a 4-70 4* is stronger than a 3-70 5*.

Also, forget your other yellows and level Wu. He is arguably the best 4* in the game and a core hero to any good titan team (unless you’re one of the lucky ones with Tarlak).


Thanks for the feedback on Quintus. My other purple are all 3 *. Balthazar (max), Reinfield, Prisca, Tyrum and Chochin. No luck on pulling a decent 4 * or 5 * purple yet.
Btw, I found out healers are very useful for farming.

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There is alot of good info above, but much of it may have little relevance for you. If you spend most of your time farming with raiding still a learning process, you need to focus on that.

Titans depend on how big your alliance is, and how big the titan is.

Of the heroes mentioned, Kiril will be used much more than your other healers but only when you are transitioning from a full 4* team to several 5* in the team.

Bane can be more useful as you build that 4* team than Wu as Wu’s power is in tiles based on his attack stat not his special. Grimm should be your blue. Do not give Quintus food unless you have no purple above 3*, and then only to 2^60.

If you are a new player, then producing heroes for food could be a problem. This means that switching from partially maxed heroes to completely new could be hard and resource consuming. Kiril and Gormek are good heroes and worth taking to at least 3.60 once you’ve already started working on them. After that you can switch to Boldtusk and Grimm.
Ideally, you’ll need them all. But it depends on ascension materials you havel and will take time.

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Do them all…
Blues then reds

Thanks a lot for the very thoughtful insight.
Yeah, I do raiding just for fun…highest cup is around 1xxxx but still learning on the color based stacking.
End up purposely go against higher power player to lose cups and back to silver arena…aha!

Exactly! Stronghold stuck at lvl 13 with 2nd builder…sigh.

Quintus is better than nothing but I think you should hold off - my Q is 3-61 and I have 12 tabards…

He hits all hard when maxed but the problem is by the time he is ready to fire there probably is hardly anyone left (maybe 3 heroes) on the field during a raid attack - which means his special is often used suboptimally because he takes too long… But my experience of using him is he usually dies before he goes off

Waiting for Sartana… Or kage

My team actually has a lot of the characters you mentioned.

I have Boldtusk full, Grimm 4/43, Chao 4/70, Little John3/60 and Quintus 4/70.

I find Quintus has really saved my team a lot, his mana is slow but he hits so hard, especially if Grimm has softened them up. I got him in one of my first summons but still haven’t got the materials to max him, which I probably will as I only have a full level Balthazar as a purple behind him.

I’d level Boldtusk and Grimm then Kiril as you usually need a healer in wars.

I’d love to have this problem though, they’re all really useful characters!

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Qintus did saved me a couple of times during raid as I usually look for purple and green (Melendor) stacking.
His power is devastating but it take ages to come by.
In the meantime, Quintus, Bane / Wu, Boldtusk, Grimm, Melendor gonna be my rainbow team.

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Quintus has at least a high attack stats, which means good tile damage. Even if his special doesn’t fire he give more tile damage than most of purple 4*. Sabina has higher attack stats but she is a healer and she is squishy. maxed Tiburtus has similar stats as Quintus 3/70. So it depends on your luck of summoning or training heroes in TC20. My luck for example is so that I have all the purple 4* but only Quintus as a purple 5*. So, it is a case of “better than nothing”.

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yeah! Much better than nothing. Especially when he is the last man standing in raid. What a relief seeing him blowing the enemies.
Gonna level him to 3 70 and wait for the chances on Sartana…

Perhaps I’m impractical person, but I ascended Quintus to the 4th level and now is feeding him to max to level 80. There is a Russian saying that “a tomtit in hands is better than a crane in the sky”.

If by a lucky chance I’ll get better purple 5* I’ll start working on that one too. I’m sure I’ll be able to collect another 6 Tabards by that time.

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