Undead titans for halloween

I think it might be fun if a new undead titan was created, available only when return to morlovia was active, it would spawn directly after killing a regular titan. No wait time. 1. After killing the regular titan, loots would skill be handed out as normal
2. but the undead titan would insta spawn and have similar characteristics to the original, but be subject to 2x damage from fire and be able to cast a vampire health drain as part of its special.
3. its visuals should look appropriately like an undead version of a titan
4. after it is killed, normal loot is handed out, normal titan wait time is established and the next spawn will be a normal titan - which if it killed and morlovia is active will spawn another undead titan.

I love this. What about a dark dragon made entirely of bones? :grin:

Purple - Bone Dragon
Yellow - Hydra with 4 dead dragging heads
Blue - Zombie giant
Red - Werewolf of flame
Green - “Vampire” Medusa (make her pretty!)


So back to back to back to back titan spawn times for like 2 weeks? That’d be cool

Would balloon the hell out of titan score tho

Waiting on titans does get boring, especially on non war days so I’d definitely be down for this

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More different titans would be nice, no matter if undead or just more variety.

Their design could be more scary.


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