Undead privateers counter not incrementing

I played (finisht) all 18 levels (hard+easy) and still my counter for undead privateers is standing at 0 (ZERO).
Please guys fix it ! And set my counter !

Is it possible that you just recently finished the mission prior to that?

The counter doesn’t start incrementing until the mission unlocks. It doesn’t count enemies killed prior to that.

By the start of season 2, I think it was around septembre 2018, e&p created several missions for season 2 and they unlocked season2 particely. 1 of the missions was, and still is, “defeat undead privateers” 800 pieces. Every month they unlock 3 battlefields (provinces) (easy/hard) to do your missions. Now about a 1/2 year later and 18 battlefields unlocked and all ended, my counter for undead privateers says 0/800. By the way in province 1 there are a lot of undead privateers and i finisht that on easy and hard…but still 0/800. And no…you cant do the missions before season2 unlocks. The missions comes at the same time season 2 was unlockt. I think there must be (or maybe there was) a bug. Can you check this please (you have my account) and please set my counter high.

I believe you have to do the parrot quest first before the privateer quest unlocks.

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As @DBC said, and I said earlier, the Missions unlock in order.

You have to complete one before the counter starts for the next. Any enemies of that type you killed before the Mission unlocked don’t count, no matter how many you’ve killed.

And the Missions don’t all unlock at once. Some arrived when Season 2 was released, and the others unlock as you complete Missions before them.

If you go kill some Undead Privateers right now, you should see your counter start to increase.

If you do that now, and don’t see your counter increase at all, then you can contact Support:

But it definitely will NOT count Undead Privateers you killed before finishing the Mission before this one.

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This is totally correct. You have to finish them in order, they don’t accumulate until the mission actually shows up.

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