Unclamed Path of Valor rewards vanished

Could someone tell me please if unclamed rewards in Path of Valor vanish after starting the next Path? I had 4 unclamed trainer heroes and they have just vanished after current Path has been open. I checked my hero roster - there wasn’t new heroes there. Shouldn’t I have received them anyway? Because it could be not a trainer but 4* Mat, for example. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

If you did not claim your rewards from last PoV I think they are lost. I’m sorry for you.

You can try to submit a support ticket.

You can still obtain your rewards from the current running PoV at any time before it’s closed.


I’m not 100% sure on this but once pov has finished you can still claim the rewards that still haven’t been collected up till a certain time, but being the new one has started, as pointed a support ticket can be made they may send you the trainer hero’s or not.

Ah, that’s unfortunate. I was quite sure they will be dropped in my inventory even if I wouldn’t claim them. Thanks for clarification!

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