Unbowed Unbent Unbroken- seeking new friends to help push us into the top 100

I thought the fancy new title would do it. No one wants to hear about how many redheads we have. Or that we’ve got a fish. And we talk about plowing fields. No one here is getting bunged or puffed.

Now up to 22 members. Planning on killing our first 11* this week.

23 members. Killing 10* within 11 hours of spawning. Likely kill our 1st 11* next time it shows up. Some great, active personalities in here. We’re like a family. Come join!

And the 11* is dead. Another great war for Unbowed Unbent Unbroken too!

It’s getting crowded in here… comfy kind of crowded.

Lost our 2nd war. Lost some members mid-war though. So now we’re 9-2. 3 spots left.

Bump for visibility.
My post must be 20 characters long. Is this enough?

Currently 28 members killing 11* titans with plenty of time to spare. We defeat the occasional 12* too!

24 members killing 11* titans daily. Once we get a few more, we’ll be killing 12* regularly too.

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