Unbowed Unbent Unbroken- seeking new friends to help push us into the top 100

Unbowed Unbent Unbroken is looking for players with the desire to grow and compete. We have a solid core of players who are able to handle themselves against 11* & 12* titans, in wars, and in raids. We are seeking very active players who are capable of using their titan flags efficiently, and are able to follow a basic strategy during alliance wars.

All members are invited to weekly taco nights at my house! (travel expenses not included.)

If you’re interested in joining a team with an experienced leadership group and the drive to win, contact us via the options listed in the poster, or reply here. Take care, and fight well.


Hate to say it, but there are some great people in this alliance. Ya’ll would be lucky to join,

but not as lucky as you would if you joined Fight Every Day!

lol So good John.

Agreed everyone get on the UUU train now while there’s room.

Still looking for more recruits. If you’ve got some 5* and some 4* depth strongly consider us here. We’ve got a long term outlook of reaching the top of the leaderboards. Feel free to also message me on Line: flyingsolow

The taco invitation is still in effect.

Why does no one want to talk to me!?

Can’t say I blame them!

Tacocat spelled backward is tacocaT!

How are y’all doing? Ready for war?

Can I get on the taco invite list?

From a Groot…good bunch of folks here.

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Good Luck Guys ,you have an great team . Cheers ^^

Hey, it’s Rook, my favorite shoe and boot connoisseur! Wars have been going well, thanks. We’ve got a lot of depth, a solid plan, and everyone seems to know their role. We’re just trying to fight the matchmaking systems like everyone is. It WANTS everyone to go .500. So far, that’s been easy.

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HK IS THE BA. These guys are amaaaazing.

It’s usually reserved for members only, but exceptions can be made. :sunglasses:

Good group of folk here. Fun, chatty, and knowledgeable. Always willing to help and are enthusiastic about the game.

Top notch group here! 20 members with only 10 spots left! Currently hitting 8* titans which are still not strong enough for us! Come join a group of fun chatter, lots of knowledge and great strength! Great straight forward war strategy and trust in one another is how we win!! Join us, you won’t regret it!

With the 20 of us I see 10* Titans start being difficult. Kinda fun right now killing Titans without having to use mats.

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Why not change the title to something cool like 10* Titan killing team of plowers looking for active players to help us push into 11 and 12* Titans"

And you are an lev 15 hunting 10* ?

Bumpalump. Look at that new fancy title!

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