Lately there’s been lots of talk about OP heroes. There sure are some…

5 seconds before this picture was taken, MN was alone, dying, on the other side of the battlefield. One more turn and she would have killed herself on riposte…


I will nuke Mother North before anyone else after the tank is gone. Happens to me all the time if I don’t


I like C. Joon and C. Sart in there. Dude needs an Elena in there and he’d have a rage inducing defense for sure.

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That, the revive + special combo of fighters and the dodge of the rogues are probably the most annoying things in the hero vs hero mode.


Sounds like a contender for


Also just for the fun of it I had Heimdall revive all 4 before as well. The odds of that…I nearly cried


Heimdall tank would be fun there.

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One thing is for sure…once that has happened you kill any revive character with the full fire and fury you can bring to bear.

Fool me once and all that…


Yes, of course, under normal circumstances, 100% priority target. But in a very fast tournament, things tend to unfold according to their own will… I fired Mits, Marja and Elena at MN and she did not die. BT and Azlar were killed full mana. MN was hanging by a thread, Marja’s DoT ended one turn too early… and next turn she would have killed herself on riposte. The whole damn fight lasted 5 or 6 turns (as long as it took her to charge)

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I fear no man, but this thing
It scares me


my only loss so far

once puss n boots fired the very first time, it was match over pretty much

i was getting tiles but didnt change anything


Today I got lucky enough to be matched in tournament to this team . MN and Alby were my biggest fear, knowing that they could revive all the fallen heroes . Double the trouble! :see_no_evil:

After 5 minutes, here was my progress:

And after a total of 8:50 minutes I managed to take them all down. Yay! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I hope I roll them to avenge your loss.

I’m whimsical and have an ascended Grimble to show them :slight_smile: .

Tho, I bet I wouldn’t get the tiles to fire him :rofl:. Or QoH would foil my fun.

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qoh was the big obstacle

everytime puss fired, qoh summoned a minion which triggered taunt which didnt allow me to kill puss with specials and yea it was just chasin my tail for a long slow death


I run a defense (and offense) from left to right…

Mother North - Sif - Telluria

Really hard trio to kill off with all heroes protected by minions plus Sif’s damage reduction, counterattack and mana generation buff.


Obvious conclusion: never leave Albrigh or MN as a last survived hero. Kill them as soon as possible, or use mana control to prevent them from firing special.

They are not overpowered, just require attention.

Tried that… didn’t work…

Also did that… not enough…

She withstood specials from Mitsuko, Elena and Marjana + Marja’s DoT, and survived. Had Telluria’s minion protecting her… kept her alive. Under very fast tourney rules, she charged despite Mit’s mana control… revived all 4 fallen companions… I’d call that slightly OP… maybe not under normal circumstances, but in a vf tourney, she’s a nightmare…


Lol, fought today a team Alberich - Gravemaker - Black Knight - Anzogh - Mother North. Needless to say it was annoying. Still, I did win somehow, but took long (had a timer on when I won). Helped I had Heimdall on my team along with QoH who soaked damage and Sif who killed GM and Anzogh by reflect. Also C-Viv +20. The last one was Guardian Kong who on Very Fast was able to keep with GM so he cleansed Burn every time GM fired.


Can you ask the guy you attacked to give me his MN? Mine doesn’t seem to be working.

I had the reverse situation today, in a war battle. MN was my only hero left, the other 4 were dead. She fired her special and she revived… 0 heroes!

Sartana and Lianna had full mana, Rigard and Hel would have been charged in one move:

I don’t really care when that happens in a raid but it really hurts when it’s in a war.


Yes, unlike raids, war and tourney hits have some stakes… unpleasent… conspiracy theorists would love this… 4 ressurected on defense, 0 on offense. Sure SG had something to do with it :grin:

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