Unbelievable Timing On Raids

Someone please explain how I could be raided so fast by multiple players in what appears to be the same time frame.

Welcome to being raided

They sent the poor Gosia to fight your heroes and they ganged upon your survivors.

It were all planned.


That made me smile and laugh

Been getting raided. I just actually looked at the numbers this time.

The times are not unusual…

Why do you say that? I would think it impossible to be raided by 3 separate teams in the same 2 minute period.

I have seen this several times on my account. You can be raided by several teams at the same time.

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Like I said I’ve never actually looked at the times. I normally look at the win/loss and click ok. I have dropped hundreds of cups before. I will definitely look at everything from now on. It just doesn’t seem right to be raided by 3 teams at the same time.

I onced lost about 500 trophies over night when I had similar Level as you. Just keep on fighting and optimize your team. It will get better :slight_smile:
EDIT: maybe those Topics make you feel a bit better
Huge amount of lost Cups:

And here a different view on lost trophies :wink: :wink: :wink:

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I think I remember reading that post about your brother when it originally happened.

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Just want to leave you something to motivate you, BigMama :slight_smile:

That is what i call, a raid rush or a gang bang.
Just dont fail your revenges. And upgrade your team. And you will be fine.

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