Unbalanced Wars

My alliance has gotten grouped with someone far higher tiered. Our alliance score is 45000 while their score is 79000. My alliances trophy average is 735 while their trophy average is 1705. Something is BROKEN. We’ve had this issue in most of our last half dozen or so wars. What can be done to make the wars a bit more equally matched? Getting destroyed like this is very disheartening for my whole alliance.


Also, killing a member of their team with a team power of 3706 would reward us with 48 available points and 48 victory points. Killing a player on our team with 3503 power gives them 68 and 68. This unbalancing is like that for every member in our war.


Is there a way to just opt out of these Alliance Wars? Since this update changed everything my alliance has generally faced alliances with 10k higher score than us. Not one time has it been the reverse where we have even been on the higher side of the alliance score. I’ve been waiting and it has yet to happen. Needless to say we lose. And lose again. And then we lose and guess what? It just ain’t fun any more. I dont want to participate in it and why should I? The loot is awful win or lose. Give me something else like a new map. Please.


My clan has opted to just don’t care about the wars as they are so f-ing unbalanced. We have had 1 war were we were the top team with 10k higher alliance score since I started playing this game one and a half months ago rest of the wars we have been - 10-30k alliance score!!!

Right, high level players who NEVER lose their top heros, so as long as they do nothing(dont attack) they win the war, while attackers can use heros only once per war. Very unfair.

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