Unbalanced Raids

How is it possible that a team of a power of 3000 beats a team of 3300 plus finish a hero that has full live points with a none mana attack? I think the game is rigged and it needs to be fix. Also I cannot connect to this game unless I’m on wifi… Empires and Puzzles have proven to be the worst when it comes down to solve problems. They like to pond the issues on the server… I have 10 different games and they all connect to the server… except empire…

Not sure about the wifi but ive beaten a team of 4k with a 2900 all colour team, had a very good board. Thats all it takes is a good board, a non hitter like a healer still has damage to deliver, that little number that counts down by the mana bar. Depends on the attack points as to how much damage it will do. Hope that helps :slight_smile:


That makes sense but I feel that there is some unbalanced somewhere. But I will take that into consideration when raiding.

No offense to small giant as I do love this game but it is unbalanced and quite frankly a bit rigged. Good board or not no team should beat another with a team power difference of 300. As well there should be more chances of getting a more equal match up with rerolls instead of having to spend 100000 food. Kinda kills the enjoyment of raids. I don’t expect to win every raid, but don’t expect to have to spend so much money just to replenish gems spent on resources. I understand the company has to make money but seems harsh to have to spend so much to keep competitive. It is what it is I suppose

It is! Thank you…why does the attacker have all the advantages??

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Mostly because the battles are not live…so by default AI takes over for your team defending…as you can see when watching auto-play battles in farming, AI really does not make the smartest board moves most of the time, and fires your heroes special from left to right…when you might use them in a different order - or wait to fire them - if directing your side of the battle.

But conversely, this also benefits you as an attacker both in raids and in wars.

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Thank you @LadyAnesthesia I was making light of the fact that people get on here and say the system is “rigged” and ignore the fact that it is rigged…for them.


So why when I am offline all of the attacks I received I lose ? I dont see the advantages there lol

In a way it is a win…your cups will go down so the next time you raid they will be easier.

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Good board or not no team should beat another with a team power difference of 300.

Um, have you heard of Ghosting, slow heros fast heros. Same powered team or 500 higher, maybe you should try moving a different tile than the one your about to, makes a difference :slight_smile:

Maybe try rearange your defence, send us a pic we may see somthing you dont, if ya want to :slight_smile:

lol I appreciate your subtle sense of humor then! I guess I was responding to the fact that so many people believe a lot of this, and it causes them no end of outrage and frustration.

I felt some of that at first myself, until I discovered the forums and started researching, reading, and learning more about the game’s mechanics.

I used to log back in and see all losses too…so I kept trying different teams and heroes in different positions…also building my troops ( mana troops are best so your specials go off faster if possible) and finally have gotten to where I lose less than 25% of enemy raids and revenges now.

It’s definitely a learning process, and you will always have good and bad days for raids…but much better to step back if you get frustrated and come back and regroup and try something different.

I will send a pic when I get home. Still have issues with connecting to the server outside of wifi

Right, I’m not talking about raids that have taken place when not logged in. Like I said, this is a great game and if you read my reviews you will see that. I’m not frustrated, I get more frustrated reading some of the reviews and complaints. It’s just an opinion of what I’ve experienced since playing. And we all know the opinion deal, lol. Sorry for any miscommunication. This is the best game of its kind out there.

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I understand what you’re saying about raiding as attacker…….I too have lost to lower TP teams, and when I look at it, it is usually a matter of bad boards, choosing wrong team to attack - or a combination of both.
But I’ve also won against higher teams, much to my surprise sometimes as I thought I didn’t have much of a chance but tried anyway.
I guess for me, the good still outweighs the bad and I still am enjoying the game, flaws and all.

Absolutely! I just hate losing trophies, I usually raid higher powered teams that you lose less trophies and have beaten a few, and yes, I do get a bit happy. The good usually out weighs the bad. I shouldn’t complain, just despise losing to a 2700 when I’m nearly at 3100

This will give you issues. Trophies are borrowed, not owned.


Not really, that’s just part of the game, I don’t assume I own them but I don’t necessarily have to lend them out if I choose not too, I could use raid shields but don’t cause its such a waste of gems in my opinion.

Case in point, I raided into the top 100 today. In 3 minutes I lost 250 cups. How would that make you feel? I didn’t care as I know the next raid chest will be a little easier.