Unbalanced Monthly Events

So I have been playing this game for 6 months now. Each month, I see the exact same people winning the events. Is it possible to put a limit on this to help new players grow? Right now it seems very “Pay to Play” is what is needed to win the events. Here are a couple of ideas to help balance the the monthly events:

  1. Put in a limit to the amount of replays per level where the score will count. For example, only your first 3 times playing (pass or fail of the level) scores will count. Highest stays. This will be a much more fair system than people being able to replay a level a million times by using gems that they have purchased to reload their energy. Not everyone has the disposable income for this approach.

  2. If you are in the top 10 or top 50 of the previous event, you can complete the next event for completion rewards, but you don’t place, giving additional players the ability to actually win the event.

Please feel free to add additional ideas/comments. Would just like to see more names in the top 50 than the same ones every month.


I really like the idea of limiting the number of replays per board. I also really like the idea of instead of competing against each other, compete against the game by setting score levels for each section of prizes so that everyone has a shot at good loot and not just the same person each month. I’d also be in favor of declaring beforehand which level (beginner, intermidiate or advanced) you want to actually compete for top prizes in. Get your completion loot for all 3 levels but only actually compete in one of them. So many things SG could do to make things more balanced but seeing as how people have been talked if about this issue with every event we’ve had and nothing has been done, o honestly think SG doesn’t care so long as they keep the top spender happy.


I definitely think there should be a solution to the events. Another idea is to expand the rankings that players earn rewards. SO many more new players have joined since they started the reward tiers, so the chance to win anything has shrunk drastically.


I really like the idea of using scores, rather than ranking, as determiner for who gets what loot. It’s frustrating as a mid-high level player to see the same people getting huge amounts of treasure that I doubt they need.


Huge thumbs up for the suggestion to only compete for prizes at one level, whilst being allowed to play thru the others.

That’s great.

The monthly events as they are greatly favour long time players who have the hero roster and troops to go for the win.

I’ve basically given up on them. I’ll finish the intermediate one for the final reward and do missions 1 of easy and advanced for the participation prize, and that’s it.

The competition would be a lot more fair if it were bracketed by player level.


Nope, player level doesn’t mean anything…


The monthly events are a way for late game players to compete, measuring who is the best of the best. (Spoiler: it’s usually Zero.)

There is no need to “see more names in the top 50 than the same ones every month”. If the same names are there every month, it’s because they are the best players at completing the event.

There is no need to spread the rewards around. We already receive a participation trophy for completing each level (that’s the only trophy I’m likely to win, btw).

These events are not for early or mid-game players. They are tough tests for late game beasts who are willing to throw significant resources at them to prove they are the best. That should not be watered down.

Early- and mid-game players have plenty to do without lying awake at night fretting that they can’t beat Zero.


Well it means a little, but I do agree with you.
Level is something that has been suggested before, and I think it won’t work.
First of all it’s easy to buy heroes in the beginning, so the lower levels would be pay to win. And then those who do not use money, but play a lot, rise in level and have to face just as impossible challenge as before. For example me, I’m level 30 and have 4x4* (Rigard, Cyprian, Li Xiu, and Skittle), and 2x5* (2xDelilah), I think that if I were to be put in the same bracket as other lvl 30 I wouldn’t have any better chance at placing well as I have now.

Do you think the game lacks things for early-game players to do?

  • Finish the map

  • Collect two 3* heroes of each colour

  • Fully ascend your ten 3* heroes

  • Learn to operate your fully ascended 3* heroes in smart combinations with the right special use

  • Craft and learn to use your battle items

  • Recruit some 2* troops and level them

When that’s all done, then players should look to their 4* heroes (and 3* troops). When they’re all done then players should look to their 5* heroes (and 4* troops).

When the 5* heroes and 4* troops are getting close to being done, then perhaps players will start running out of challenges. Then maybe they will need an event to compete with each other in. That’s what these monthly events are.


Please post constructive, respectful responses or not at all.


I was in a Line conversation recently where players asked Zero what he used to win. His reply:


I don’t take this to mean “high-level players buy their wins” so much as “good God, am I willing to sacrifice that much to beat them?!”

If the answer is no, then I probably shouldn’t complain that these players are at the top. They earn it.


I expected that a lot of items would be used, but that really blows my mind. Kudos to the big null.

This on top of the fact that he is a great player. :wink:


Is he, though? Really?

(Don’t tell him I said that. Or if you do, please make it clear I was joking.)


The advantage a P2W player has in the Beginner bracket needs to be fixed. Having access to all the 3* heros, specifically the rare 3* HOTM makes it so that F2W players can’t compete. That’s not even including battle items…how is a F2W player supposed to get the mats to make axes and arrows? smh


There is no P2W in the beginner bracket.
There is no 3* HOTM or event heroes (except the rabbit, that sucks). So no one has any special heroes.
Granted, with money you can get the 3* faster, but even without money you can get them in few months. (I’ve played under 3 and I have pretty much every 3*, and possibility to level them all to max. I haven’t used that much money that you could call me P2W)
What comes to battle items, you can get them, even as a low level player. 8-7 gives pretty much everything you need. In a month you can farm enough materials for all the axes and arrows that you need for the event.


Guess it was sarcastic.


Oops. I feel stupid. I’m going to quickly ‘like’ @Zizzzzy’s post to cover up the fact that I didn’t get it.


Except you can level the 2* troops that basically no-one will do as they are busy tossing those into their 3 and 4* troops.

I don’t believe anyone is stating zero isnt a great player, but these events dont show who the best player is. They show a great player using dead presidents to win. Which kudos for him for doing so.

I believe what people are concerned about, is not that he is winning. Its the ranking system does little to support the non-wallet warriors as the non-farmable Ascension items are extremely rare. I think people are hoping for a more generous solution that allows them to Ascend a 5* hero at a reasonable rate, rather than the strategy of “Raise your 4* heroes as it will be a year before you have the materials to raise a 5*”

Note I probably spent $1000 in the last month, 2 Kongs, 2 Owls, 0 Panthers and like 12+ each of Jackals and Falcons, 6 Delilahs. So its not my unwillingness to spend.