Unbalanced AW matching

So far we had reasonable AW matching. We won some and lost a few but that´s OK.

This time the matching is quite unbalanced (see below). It shouldn´t be that difficult to get the AW matching algorithm working. Please correct!



Pffft the last two times since the rollout each team has been over 20000 points ahead of us we are patryn slayers we have 39665 we are facing raiDers they have 63701 the bottom tier guys are better than most of top tier guys it’s a joke right? Like we have a chance last one was exactly the same as well please check into it devs and see what can be done to get proper matching

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A 3000 difference is nothing compared to what we are getting consider yourself lucky

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What do you got to say about that pretty terrible match up for us definitely can’t win unless their just afk

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That’s a pittance of a difference compared to what newer alliances face

We feel your pain Raidnow

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I dont think its gotten any better, im the leader for Ride or Die Knights and we’re out matched and out numbered

The scores your comparing having zero to do with war matching.

Next to alliance score there is a little question mark, hit the question mark and a new pop up appears, at the bottom of the pop up there is a new score titled war score, it is this score that is used in war matching

So if you have big differences in war score then you can say the matching process is at fault

The alliance score has nothing to do with matching, and it’s been this way for a few months

I think she may be more focused on the cup differences between the top 7, plus the 11 vs 17 alliance size differential. That said, we can’t see how many of the opposing alliance are opted in for war.

Matching is based on the number of war participants, not on the alliance members count. That being said, some pics of the battlefield would really reflect if you were or not outnumbered.

Still Not fun me for example I’m at 3500 top team 3300 and 3200 2800 2500 and 2300 that’s roughly my war linup including Natalya 3/70sartana 3)70zimkitha3/50horghal3/60aegir3/50 and many more well leveled up but I can only do decent damage on 1 or 2 of the 6 at least make one round of getting battered and one round you get to batter !!

Gotcha, hadnt even realized it, checked it and we were still out matched in my opinionScreenshot_20190203-160244_Empires


Only 11 of them participated, but i think they had much more depth…i think they reset us like 4 times…compared to us restting them once…lol

To be honest at 30 /30 the highest difference I’ve seen is 5k, and our war score is 400k, so that’s still only 1.25% which is nothing

But from what I’ve seen alliances with low numbers tend to be in a limited pool of possible opponents

Your also highly more likely to come across recently founded alliances who might have deep teams but little to no war history, which unfortunately messes with the algorithm they use to match war teams

Monitor it for a few wars, and if you continue to face such one sided wars contact support… The more info they have, the better they can tweak the algorithm

Thank you, will do. I’m still learning as I go along…lol…things constantly change on the game, which is a give in, for these kinds of games

Well, seems people have figured out a new way to cheat — create a new alliance or find one with very few members — their war score in through the floor — 1 day to a few hours before match, stack the alliance with strong teams. Bam! Match is completely off. I know devs can’t control people’s morals (or lack thereof), but maybe a penalty for any player who hasn’t been in the alliance at least three weeks. That would put an end to the war chest seekers. For those of us who legitimately get new recruits, a theee week wait period is a small price to pay.

No worries, we are going to give them a ride anyway, we won’t lay down and hand them the war … but when they can reset us 3-4 times in an hour, it’s a little depleting lok

On what way do you think that would help? They only advantge they could gain is erasing any war win history they have, and then they can only do the switch after filling a war chest, otherwise they lose all their points earned so far

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