Unbalanced Attack Hit Points Dealt in Raids by Attack vs Defense Teams

Small Giants - when raiding it is becoming quit lopsided how defense teams strike vs attack teams, in particular with special attacks. I am just talking about regular Raids, not War.

Example - I have Lianna maxed ( 4* troop lvl 10 +15% attack and 19% defense) and raided a player (Kozio) with Lianna at 4/52 (with a 4* troop lvl 9 +20% attack +13%Defense). The troops result in similar attack strength for both heroes but my defense is much higher 854 to 767. When using the special to attack Lianna vs Lianna (no buffs on either side) - my Lianna hit for 780 and their Lianna attacked mine for 908…

My Lianna when buffed by Kiril occasionally hits for low 900s…

This is the best one. Natalya, who has a fixed rate of damage when maxed (of which mine is) hits a green (strong) hero for 245. In a raid a defending Natalya hit my Lianna with her special and dished 304 in one turn… I think some explanation is warranted from developers here…

In raids I have seen Alasie (deals 462%) , who is similar to Thorne (deals 460%), hit me for 200-300 HP stronger.

Please provide an explanation as to why the game is developed to assist defense teams…

Officially not spending another dime on this game…

The defending team gets a built in 20% bonus to attack and defense. This is because the attacker has a huge advantage in raids - the ability to build a team specifically tailored to counter the defender. Whether or not you believe this is a good decision (as I do), it is an intentional feature, not a bug.


This answers a few questions but doesn’t address the Thorne/Alasie issue. I would agree that the 20% bonus is not the worst idea, but to add 20% to a fixed attack special is a bit silly to me.

Thanks for the response

Alasie does more damage than Thorne simply because her attack stat is much higher, even though the % of their attack dealt as damage is similar.

Oh? Defense also has a defense boost? Learned something new! Thanks!

If they are adding in boosts then it would be beneficial to reflect those additions in the the player attack profiles/stat cards (or in game when you hold down over an opponent’s hero) rather than have it be a BS guessing game.

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There is no need to guess. It’s a fixed 20%

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Not only do they get that 20% bonus, they get whenever a turn ends, whenever they get attacked, whenever a member of their team uses a special attack, ET CETERA.

I barely get any mana just for attacks alone, and NONE for anything else.

I’m not sure I entirely agree with this one xplanations because I’m getting my ■■■ handed to me in raids from other players with a much lower team power. For example, my team power is 2568 and I would lose to someone with a total team power of 2348 (or even 22xx).

I may not have maxed out my team characters yet but I’d still expect them to put up a better fight than what’s being reported…

Team power has nothing to do with both winning when attacking or winning when defending. It is just basically a gauge to determine the total power of the heroes and troops in each team. When doing offensive raiding, what matters are (1) the correct heroes brought against a set of defensive team of enemy heroes, (2) randomness of the opening boards and (3) skill involved in manipulating the boards to your advantage during the early, middle and end part of the raid.

When doing defensive raiding, you can do nothing about it except to expect that your defensive heroes get an added value of 20% defense (and 20% offense???) when defending. And you cannot expect that the default defense team bearing the lowly team power is the same team being used to attack you as it is highly possible that such player may have stacked a strong color against your defensive tank.

It has been proven several times that a team consisting of a lower total team power can win against a team with much higher total team power. A 3600TP team can beat a 4200TP defending team.

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