Unauthorised gem purchase

A few days I logged onto the game and noticed nearly 800 gems missing. After contacting SG They told me the gems purchased a game slot and hunters caltrops. The problem is I did not make those purchases. Game glitch? Hacked? I have no idea. But I am out those gems because SG will not refund them even though I didn’t make this purchase. sigh


Unfortunately there’s not anything we on the forum can do… we’re all just players like yourself here.

You’ve done the only thing that you could do but unfortunately, SG have a policy of not refunding gem purchases because you changed your mind or whatever… I’ve been on the receiving end of that message before when my nephew blew several thousand gems on an elemental summons… Never got the gems back but did have a lot of tasty purple food.


Hi Guvnor, I have the same problem, my gems is disappearing, today April 13, 80 gems disappeared and in 10 minutes more 25 gems more disappeared I didn’t make absolutely anything.

Don’t expect to get any satisfaction from sg!!! They did not listen to anything I said. Even the other person that responded to me here did not listen to what I said and just made wrong assumptions. Sigh

Hiya @David6

As above, there isn’t anything we can do on the forum. This is COMMUNITY RUN & all moderators are just players like yourself.

Only things you can really do is:

  1. Check your Recent Activity Log in game (Go to Options -> Support Tab -> Recent Activity)

  2. Create a support ticket with SGG: How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)

Sorry I couldn’t help more @Zer

As I tried to explain, I am just a player. I cannot do anything to do with specific accounts & investigating… Would be akin to me asking you to look into my account and tell me how many summons it took before I got Lady Woolerton (or any other hero)… It just physically is impossible.

Again, apolgies that I couldn’t do more. The only people who CAN help you are on the other end of the Support Ticket. They are the ones who can & do investigate specific accounts & look at the history & game logs.


I never expected you or anyone else on this forum to help me in any way. I posted and staryed this thread in case others were having the same issue.

What I took exception to in your original reply to me was your statement concerning purchasing items and then changing my mind. If you had clearly read my original post you could and would have seen that is not what happened.

As far as sg and a ticket, been there, absolutely no help. They would NOT listen to what I was saying.

You missed the “or whatever” part of my statement which covers all other such transactions.

I even gave an example of an “accidental” purchase (read unauthorised) that happened to me courtesy of my nephew…


I did NOT make a purchase. NO ONE ever touches my phone but me.

As far as I know when I pointed the missing gems out to sg, they stuck that crap in my inventory to cover their ■■■. Who kniws what happened. All I know is they were not willing and did not do a full investigation. So I’m stuck missing all those gems I was saving for a 10 pull.

Okdokey. I know for a fact that pockets occasionally do miraculously complicated stuff & also that people have been known to forget/ accidentally do stuff & not remember it… But anyways.

Well I tried to be patient work it thru/ explain but you’re selective reading…

So good luck with your campaign for renumeration/ gathering fellow victims.


And just how do you think I am sellective reading? I could easily say the same to you!

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