Unacceptable war chest loot

Still better than mine war chest today… ::frowning:


Meant serious or kidding?



Right?! I was thinking the same.

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Absolutely disgusting you get this lot :smiley:

Are you kidding??? This is very good chest.


@calsr821 if you can send a picture of the full loot (as the once we can get checking past activity) it would be great!!
I plan on doing a war chest project like the elemental project!!
(posting here the photo is fine)

I’ve seen worse, what’s your point? Just today I got 1 stable shield, I think 10 emblems, 1 key and a bit and posted in my ally something about nice loot.

I legitimately can’t figure out if this belongs in:

Celebration: The Ridiculous Bragging thread

Parody of Complaints: The Ridiculous Complaints thread

Actual Complaint (presumably about no 4* mats, based on the OP’s post history): Lack of Ascending Materials? or Ascension materials - An appeal to quit being so stingy with them or Opening Chests - Discussion

It’s pretty safe to say it’s covered by one of those, though, so we can continue discussion in whichever existing thread is appropriate.

My congratulations or apologies on your loot, however you’re feeling about it!


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