Unacceptable leaks of beta material

But … if there’s a beta image hidden within the custom mashup … or even a slight inspiration from a mashup that was derived from a mashup of something that came out of a fevered beta player’s mind …

Arrrgh my head just exploded like the ConSec patsy in Scanners

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This conversation is difficult because I don’t speak Arabic, and English is not your first language. But I’ll try to explain this better for you.

  1. Almost everyone here, including me, is just another player like you. I am a volunteer who tries to help keep the forum running smoothly. I don’t work for Small Giant.

  2. The purpose of the forum is for players to have a place to talk with other players. Small Giant employees do read the forum and comment on posts, but that’s not the main reason they have a forum.

  3. Small Giant has set rules for this forum, and those are the rules I try to make sure everyone follows. Posting a fan-made picture like Boolz did is allowed. Posting actual pictures from beta, like you did, is not allowed.

  4. How to deal with beta leaks in the wider world is a problem that Small Giant needs to fix. I have no way of changing how they try to fix that problem.

Please see @Expired’s post for a summary translation.


@Garanwyn as a native Arabic speaker the translation is so mixed up that it almost doesnt make scenes i will summarise the four points in a single point

كل الموجودين في المنتدى بما فيهم (جارانوين) مجرد لاعبين، والعمل كمشرف للمنتدى هو عمل تطوعي فقط ولا يشتغلون للشركة المطورة للعبة
والهدف من المنتدى هو تبدال الحديث بين اللاعبين، مطوروا اللعبة يقرأون المنتدى ويشاركون فيه ولكن هذا ليس السبب الرئيسي لوجود المنتدى
الشركة وضعت شروط المنتدى (بما فيها منع وضع اي صورة او فيديو من البيتا) والمشرفين احدى وظائفهم ان يتأكدوا من ان الجميع يتبع الشروط والاحكام
وضع صورة مفبركة من قبل اي لاعب مثل (بوولز) هو مجهود شخصي للمتعة فقط
اما وضع صورة من (البيتا) كما فعلت هو مخالف للشروط
كيفية منع انتشار الصور خارج المنتدى هو مشكلة الشركة المطورة وهم من يجب ان يجدوا حل لها والمشرفين ليس لديهم اي قوة لتغير ذلك

Things should be clear now, but to he fair i think @Panteranera english is pretty good for a second language
I just translated to make the Arabic words be clear


Thank you very much! I wasn’t complaining of his English–merely pointing out that it was clear some of the issue was his imperfect understanding of the situation.


You are most welcome, and anytime you need Arabic translation just mention me and i can translate for you


That is incredibly helpful. I most certainly will do! :grinning:


If content is not allowed on the forum, you’re also not allowed to link to a site with that content :slight_smile:


That was to prove the point…brazen. Thought this post was about leaks and that is on topic.

I was mistaken

Fair, my apologies, I’ve deleted the post.


Thanks! Much appreciated.


I think he has almost beaten hard mode. Will there be a final boss?


He seems to be killing them with kindness. That empathetic buff seems to have come in handy.


@princess1, it does appear to have come full circle. Bless the patience of the Mods. Luckily I’m so poor I can’t pay attention so I have ZERO aggravation :wink:


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