Unacceptable leaks of beta material

The official web page of a top alliance that posts its page in Russian has all of the beta content on it. It ought to be easy to trace since they don’t even pretend to hide their rule breaking (you can select the category of “unreleased heroes”), use google translate and it is crystal clear.

This is brazen and no attempt at subtly so it must be understood that it isn’t a priority for SG. This has been possible to find in the year that I have been playing (I actually found it accidentally before finding the official forum).

The featured HoTM there a re a big chance that being changed as i dont think they will put these heroes together + Ursena stats has been already shared with it skill and everything in the forum

And i recommend you to remove the picture as its against the rules to share pix from beta

That and the You Tube videos from Brazil…they even show their usename on screen and tell the viewers that they are showing unreleased beta content. There is a guy in English doing someting similar with the great intro of “this d1ck isn’t going to suck itself”…classy.

Is it actually from beta or is it just a mashup image?

Well, they already allow us to openly discuss the stats/abilities from beta. Nevertheless this noble gentleman is looking out for the huddled masses and making sure that nobody unfairly gets the massive advantage of seeing the artwork before the general public. Thank you, hero.

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I cant answer that, we need an actual beta tester to confirm or deny (although i think it breaks the rules)
Maybe @zephyr1 can answer that before remove the pic :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the punishment for posting beta images, again?

Moderator’s Note

Whatever may get posted elsewhere, posting images from beta on this forum is prohibited. Please refrain from doing so.


Good I respect the rules but have you been alerted to who posted a tribal image here or is it allowed and I am not allowed please follow the discussion will find a picture of a hero Have you taken the same reaction with him

I have seen examples where beta images are removed ASAP in these forums, safe to say that the mods are vigilant to that.


There are no other images from beta in this thread. If you see an image from beta on the forum, please flag it as inappropriate and one of the moderators will deal with it as soon as possible.


I’ll just be there and wait for the reaction

People posting custom cards of their own avatar is not at all the same thing as people posting images from beta. Indeed, it should be straightforward to figure out that @Boolz card can’t possibly be a beta image:

  • It has his name on the card

  • The font is meaningfully different than that used by SG


I did not say that they are the ones who spread out. I say that it was published like what I did and I think that I object to any leaks or any deviation from the rules.

I think this thread just completed a full circle :thinking:


I’m enjoying it. It’s like watching Garanwyn complete his very own Trials of Patience


The rule is not that no custom cards can be posted at all. It is that no beta images can be posted. Do you see the difference?


Sir, those pictures and the more widespread with more players in the game I think instead of punishing me, because I talked about in this matter that you are looking for a way to prevent it and in the other I’m sorry that I care about

Looks like he is entering hard mode now lol


I’m with the other guy. What is Garanwyn hiding? How deep does this go? :joy:


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