Unacceptable leaks of beta material

@Panteranera, until they leave Beta changes can and will be made. So anything you see or hear from Beta is not set in stone. Plus it really gives no advantage, you need to have RNG gift you the hero before you can even use it.


While you’re correct, from what I’ve read on the forums, a lot of the heroes tested in beta are changed multiple times before they are released… So while the name and artwork of the hero may well be correct, the stats/affect will most likely change.


I swear now, the pictures were sent 3 heroes for the coming months I swear now

One yellow, one purple and one blue

and where is the problem?
are you sure that those pictures arent fake? (are you in beta?)
everyone decides to believe it or not.

taking note of the 3 lines I just pointed out, your afirmation is invalid and therefore, from my pov, is dismisable.


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btw, this is my hero card “in beta”


I know very well that it is not effective on the game, but it is a moral mistake that it is a departure from the rules if you think that breaking the rules and conditions of the game can depart from any rules in life

you find more here


Margaret was originally named Elinor…so even names and artwork can change.


I know it’s not effective I’m talking about doing off-the-rules

Oh, I didn’t know that! See, learn something new every day!

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Yet it’s perfectly fine to share stats and special skills (which will likely change) but forbidden to post artwork which will probably remain the same…


Yea well if my grandmother had wheels, she would’ve been a bike.

Life just isn’t fair. Deal with it.


Since i started playing the game every once in a while i find a screenshot from beta or read about it somewhere
I know many players will think that beta players have advantages over regular players but believe me if there are any its very minimal
I have been beta player in the past for different games and many apps (as being an IT project manager a while back)
Many if not all tested heroes and features in the game are being shared in scattered topics
After suggestion to @zephyr1to create topics about what being tested and he was actually working on them things got organized and easily found you can check all of them by searching Beta Beat
By topics being created for everything in beta now there is no advantage at all (if there were any at all) and other players can share their thoughts, questions, clarifications, and everything else. The only thing not being shared are screenshots and videos which won’t add anything
So finding any leaked photos of heroes outside the official forum (which you should report if suspect anything) then dont trust them 100% and there are big chance that they are changed or will be changed before release

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When you consider everything that goes on elsewhere on the internet is it really so surprising that there are some beta testers here that are willing to break the rules and post pictures? All in all it is kinda tame compared to the vast wilds out yonder. Heck, kinda tame compared to some of The Donald’s tweets.

May I perhaps direct you to the proper place for this thread? —> The Ridiculous Complaints thread


I once saw this guy change lanes without using his blinkers.

I love lamp.


The official web page of a top alliance that posts its page in Russian has all of the beta content on it. It ought to be easy to trace since they don’t even pretend to hide their rule breaking (you can select the category of “unreleased heroes”), use google translate and it is crystal clear.

This is brazen and no attempt at subtly so it must be understood that it isn’t a priority for SG. This has been possible to find in the year that I have been playing (I actually found it accidentally before finding the official forum).

The featured HoTM there a re a big chance that being changed as i dont think they will put these heroes together + Ursena stats has been already shared with it skill and everything in the forum

And i recommend you to remove the picture as its against the rules to share pix from beta

That and the You Tube videos from Brazil…they even show their usename on screen and tell the viewers that they are showing unreleased beta content. There is a guy in English doing someting similar with the great intro of “this d1ck isn’t going to suck itself”…classy.

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