Unacceptable leaks of beta material


There are some leaks about the next month’s heroes. I think this is something that needs attention. Yesterday I got a picture of the hero of the month This is something I did not feel is true I hope to remedy this


It’s time to write a tersely worded letter and form an exploratory committee to evaluate the potential for an inquiry. Or possibly ignore the picture.


Beta testers are prohibited from sharing images or video. Unfortunately there’s little that SGG can do to enforce this rule.


I do not know whether what I did is true or not, but it made me feel that this diversion was wrong


I know that it is forbidden but this happened and I have proof that I am a normal player but when I find something wrong I must report it

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I do not know who is the owner of the leak, but almost a large percentage of the regular players have received indirect leaks


I’m a regular player… And I actually have read/ have seen zero/zilch material on any future hotms or beta material unless it’s posted here .

I guess my circle of friends here are clean lol or I have very little friends or I care not to indulge in “possible gossip”.


@Halifax, I think a stern public thrashing may be in order. Why should we NOT have to look?? I mean that’s what our eye holes are FOR…FFS :wink:


Frankly, it is not very difficult to find the leaks. Unfortunately, while forbidden, it happens all the time. I’ve been finding random leaks since ever I started playing, not even trying to find one sometimes. I believe as long as beta is open to players, it can not be avoided.

Which is why they went against the obvious and even allowed to publish information about beta here on this forum. You can easily find information about for example next HotM. No pictures, but everything else is here. Even posted by mods. So it is not really that much of a secret.

Besides, you can’t really benefit from that as most likely whatever is going to be published, will likely differ from the leak.


I’m kinda disappointed @Justab0x, I was hoping I had a few hardened criminal elements in my alliance. I wouldn’t mind looking a pictures of Beta heroes!!! So saddened by this…I may need to find a more roughshod alliance :pensive:


I am sure there is a picture and this is not the first time there are many of these things


I have a hard time finding a reason to care about this at all in the first place. What’s the big deal?

If it’s about fairness, then I think free information sharing would be a better approach. An unenforcable ban just leads to the restricted info being a bit harder to find, but not impossible, which creates a situation where players who try to abide by the rule end up at an unfair disadvantage, completely defeating the purpose of the rule being implemented.

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@Panteranera, are you referring to the forums here? Or somewhere else?
I’m asking because I spend way too much time perusing the forums daily (wife loves that I found this game and forums :wink:) and have yet to see one picture of a hero still in beta testing?
If you are seeing them on this forum please report them immediately to the moderators…and PapaHeavy :wink:


Absolutely correct @Suicide_Bunny, plus if you do come across a post that may violate the rules it’s quite easy to report. Plus not looking is also an option.
Just as you mentioned none of the beta information gives anyone an advantage? Things are changed/needed/buffed before being released anyway. I honestly don’t see the big deal, but that’s just my opinion and everyone is allowed to have one.


No I did not get them from the forum but via a contact website


It’s forbidden… here. Russian servers and chat rooms are dirty with screen caps and vids of upcoming features. I try to avoid most of it - I like the surprise - but it’s not something I find the need to go all real world Paladin about.


Everything on the web is just a click away and it’s also just a click to avoid it. Never mind anything…

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I don’t have full confirmation of this, but I’ve heard some significant rumours that the web may also host some very racy images of naked people doing naughty things. Sometimes with each other.


I have a tendency to treat any leak of beta material as hearsay. On top of that, hearsay I do not care about. Once it goes live, I’ll care. To me, if it’s not live, it doesn’t exist.

It’s not just this game I treat that way either. I’ve never done beta-testing on any Diablo, Overwatch, or any other various video games I’ve played.


Much can be said about the damage in some information that does not represent a lot of damage. I may feel that it is unacceptable. People must abide by the rules and conditions