Unacceptable Game names

I’m not sure where this is supposed posted, but i just battled against this guy in the tourney, is a name like this really acceptable ingame when there is so much racial tension and hate highlighted in the world today ?

screenshots of player named “KKK” in a non-English alliance removed by @zephyr1 to prevent naming and shaming

I don’t know, in the matter of fact, this player ID name does not mean anything in particular in my region (Far-East Asia).

screenshot of another player named “kkk” removed by @zephyr1

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I suppose it all depends on what the name means in the context of his/her language or culture.

A “swastika” in certain cultures is actually a symbol of spirituality and good luck.

The name in question has very negative connotations in a North American anglo-centric context but I don’t know about its reach beyond that.


The original swastika was set flat though, vs. the bad one, which was oriented at a 45 degree angle. “Same” symbol, two completely different meanings.

Not sure what KKK means in other parts of the world. But in America? Yeah, it’s very offensive.


In my region, KKK means Ok Ok Ok
(Ok for 3 times)… hahaha
And we use it in chat to express “it is very OK, don’t worry…”


In some occasions, kkk (pronounced ka-ka-ka) is the equivalent of lol (like laughing hahaha) in my language. I guess kkk in an american-centric POV would be very offensive, but means completely different things in other cultures.


“Pete” is a real name in English countries (and maybe some more).
In Argentina, it’s a se*ual word.
Do you think it should be censored?


If i recall correctly the original was also reversed (or the bad one was).

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Yup, I understand that different cultures have different meanings for words. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would only be offended by a name if it was clear that their intentions were not so nice.

If I see a KKK name in a non-U.S. alliance, I usually assume it means something entirely different there.

Would be a different situation if that member was in a U.S. alliance with U.S. flag pins, and other members or the alliance itself also referenced similar themes… that would bother me.


I thought so too, but I think they both go “clockwise”.

EDIT: also regarding cultural differences…

In some English speaking countries, there is a “c” word that is considered to be common vernacular. In the U.S., it it one of the worst possible insults you could use against a woman. Highly offensive.

Certain hand gestures are considered to be an insult in some cultures vs. an innocent sign of greeting in others. Stuff like that.

As for the KKK name…

If I see it on a non-U.S. alliance, I assume it’s probably innocent.

If however… it’s a U.S. alliance named The Proud Boys and they have #whitepride in their alliance description, and their leader is named KKK and a co-leader named Aryan_Knight…

Uhhhh yeah that’s pretty blatantly racist.

A quick search shows the original had both versions, clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Still, interesting how something considered good or benign can be subverted so easily. Like burning crosses, which long before the KKK were a sign of alarm or warning like the fire towers in Lord Of The Rings.


Heck… for that matter… my own username… The Grey Wolf…

I chose it because I like wolves, and the grey wolf is the most common North American species of wolf.

I didn’t realize it was also one of “his” (the evil guy whose name starts with H) callsigns.

Completely unintentional. No relation at all, and I completely oppose absolutely everything he stood for.

Shame on him for disparaging the name of such a noble and beautiful animal like that.

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Concerns about player names should be directed to Support, not the Forum.

In this particular case, it seems discussion has helped clarify that cultural and linguistic differences can explain some player names that would be deemed offensive by some to be innocuous for others.

As the post with the screenshot could be construed as naming and shaming, which is against Forum Rules, I’m going to remove it from the original post.

This discussion is otherwise completely fine to continue, as long as it doesn’t identify specific players with alliance names or screenshots.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Can confirm that support handles these “cases”, I reported a username with the n-word in it once. Send the screenshot with it.


zephy! Good to see you, bud!

Oops… here I go off topic again…

I’ve seen a few shall we say “questionable” names in the game. But I know better than to post them here.

Will just say that I’ve seen a few people using “Ex-Member” as their IGNs… which I thought was a bit trollish on their part, but didn’t realize it was considered to be an inappropriate name…

Apparently it is, from what another mod told me. :laughing:

I wasn’t even trying to get them in trouble… but trouble found them.

Sorry not sorry. :grin:

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Yeah, it’s oriented the other way around. My favourite beef instant ramen has multiple good Swastikas

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I once came across an entire alliance of offensive and hateful names

Does that alliance still exist? They can be reported…

I’m usually not a fan of reporting people myself. But sometimes it just needs to be done. There’s a fine line between jokes / differences of opinion etc. vs. just flat out wrong / hateful / offensive / should never have been allowed in the first place.

EDIT: like on the forum, for example. I don’t report posts here, because the mods are usually on top of the worst offenders.

And occasionally they consider me to be the worst offender. :laughing:

Which is a good thing, I think. If I’m the biggest ■■■■■■■ on the forum, that means it’s a well regulated forum. :grin:

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I would have forfeited and taken the chance on naming and shaming. Where does racial hate have a part in this? I have no 100% clue on what colour my alliance mates are and it doesn’t matter, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Just going to say that we’re “mixed” and leave it at that. :wink:

And as the leader, I’m intolerant towards that sort of intolerance.

Also very happy to have you aboard, sir. Great titan hits, and looking forward to you warring with us whenever you’re ready. :+1:

Though as already stated previously, that is entirely voluntary. You don’t ever have to opt into wars if you don’t feel up to it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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