Unable to use Google Play Rewards?

Would appreciate some help or if someone else was struggling with this issue.

I got enough “rewards” in Google Play to get the VIP offer on now, usually I’ve never had an issue using/claiming it. Now I can’t for some reason, and it no longer shows up as a payment offer.

I’m also still having issues connecting to Facebook, if that relevant and might be a cause. Anyone know?!

I’ve not seen anyone report issues with paying via Google points via the Google Play Store but that sure sounds like an issue at the Google end.

Facebook problem,however, is a known issue…

Thank you for responding! I will check with Google. Much appreciated.

If this happens for me, I have to clear cache and data from the google app, then open the game again and it works.

That did the trick, thanks for sharing it!!

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Did you use a PayPal?