Unable to use fighter emblem on costume joon! Fixed - Joon is a Monk

This is my Joon and C joon
Regular joon (monk)
Costume joon(fighter)…
I wants to use my fighter emblem on costume joon but im not able to proceed on costume side why??
When im trying with monk emblem on regular side i can but i cant proceed on c joon wih fighter emblem…Why???

All costume heroes share the emblems with the non costume variation so you can only use monk emblems on joon. You dont need to emblem him up again. If you put lets say 10 nodes on regular joon, the costume variation will be +10 too and the path will be the same as your non costume hero.


Yes i know this emblem reflects on costume side…But i was in doubt that wether we can use either of them…Costume version only changes class but we cant use costume class emblem to level their talent grid …Right…

That’s it I’m afraid. You need to us the base heroes class. So monk for Joon.


It would be more versatile if we can use either class emblem as per our requirements(monk/fighter)… we have to spend separate mats to level up costume version then we should get authority to use use emblem also…Anyway its game developers who decides everything so out opinion doesnt matter

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