Unable to update Ver38

Forced to use an older phone (A20) to play. Unable to update my A21 phone. Google Play does not have an option to update. Followed all the update instructions before posting this. Need some help, not going to carry two devices everywhere.

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Its normal, updates are never at the same time for everyone/every device, at some point it will be out for all you just need to wait.

You can play v37 without loosing anything.

Except fix for Malosi and Alfrike


Maybe you should not set too much hope on the update in that special topic… :grimacing:

I told about bug which was fixed in version 38 (Malosi + Alfrike or Finley). Not interested in others Alfrike bugs (do not have Alfrike)


That is different bugs…
I was try to wait the update before my last war ends, but there is still no update on iOS, as I want to hit opponents which have Alfrike in there with my Malosi.

Have VER37, but game will not load. Update window pops which sends me to Google Play. Only option is to uninstall or play. No Update option.

If you update to version 38 on other device you must wait untill they deliver update on your new device otherwise you cannot log in

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Same here. This is the first time I’m waiting so much for getting a game update…

And I’ve told my alliance to hold off, given the HA queuing issues.

I’m having the same issue except it seems I’ve lost everything. I was level 71, have spent $$$$ and sure do not want to start over.

a player from my alliance has the same problem, but does not let him enter the game directly, tells him to update, he goes to update and there is nothing, he lost two days of the value path

Always the same, they cover more than they can squeeze and if you can’t get in then ■■■■ you, they make us slaves of the game with so much stuff and then you can’t get in and you lose progress

It’s been 4 days already and there’s no update available in store. I was looking forward for the Malosi fix for vf wars… wf wars came and gone, the promissed update seems to be more elusive than usual and now there’s even talk about v 38 not fixing the problem… every day that goes by with no fix, Malosi is a wather pistol against Alfrike and that’s becoming annoing…

That’s exactly where I’m at

Have sent messages to staff to see what’s going on.

Still no joy, have to use my phone’s Hot Spot to log in with my old phone. Don’t understand, I’ve been using this phone for 6 months :unamused:

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Finally was able to update the game today. Now I can shut off my old phone and store it in my drawer.

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