Unable to update game

uhhhhh…NO it’s NOT. I just tried to login and got the “Update is available” screen and clicked update since it is the ONLY option. Went to google play store where is just says updated pending … for about 30 minutes at this point. When I look at the write-up in play store it says the update fixes MINOR bugs. What it doesn’t say is that it created a MAJOR bug. From what I can see, I get to look forward to having all my progress from the 10 months gone as well as all the money spent to date. IF that is the case, I’m gone. I am not going to take another 10 months and x thousands of dollars just to get back where I was 6 hours ago. Hope Small Giant has a current backup. Just checked again and STILL no download. Oh, and I have booted my device hoping it was a glitch on my end.

Strange… I have been playing since then. Good luck!!

I don’t think this is a major bug and since you are logged into your google play account, you shouldn’t have lost anything. You just need to update to version 21. Just turn on auto updates and you should have to worry about “Update is Available” screen any more There was also a Maintenance break in game message that was sent to everyone notifying them that in 30 minutes there was going to be an update and to not do any important battles at that time.

Thank you, I do have automatic update turned on and I don’t see how that has anything to do with updating this application other than I would have to actually go out to play store and manually update. In fact till this update I have never had a problem with the app updating automatically.

Update (no pun intended): On the positive side, I have this on two devices one of which has finally updated, the other has not — the one I use constantly for this game. My phone is ok, my tablet, not. Being an old fart with not so good close-up vision even with glasses the phone version is eventually going to give me a headache from the eye strain.

This issue has nothing to do with Small Giant’s servers. Play Store updates come from Google’s servers. If you can’t get an update, it’s going to be an issue from the Google end.

Thanks. I am aware the downloads are from the Play store. My phone finally updated but the tablet has not. It’s been update pending for about 2 hours now. I checked SmallGiant support website and it had an announcement about Problem solved in regards to android devices primarily in the US. Well, didn’t help, didn’t fix the problem because what needed to be fixed was exactly what it should have been. So Just saying the problem has yet to be resolved for me and I suspect others as mine can’t be unique.

The thread you were posting in was about a specific problem related to the Small Giant servers going down, rather than general problems related to the current version. So I’ve split your posts into a new thread focused on the issue you seem to be having.

Can you link this article here please?

I’ve looked at the Small Giant support website, and I can find no recent posts talking about update issues that they’ve fixed. The only thing I can find is general advice for dealing with update issues on Android:


@Garanwyn. Thanks for the info, problem is that SG did have a problem with the game not loading on certain android devices and indicated it was solved. After that playstore was able to download. So the problem was with the update itself, not SG’s servers.

Want to thank everyone for their input. Problem solved. Apparently there was a problem with the update for certain android devices which SG fixed. So again Thanks!

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