Unable to switch accounts using.mobile data

Hi I usually play on a wifi connection but now when I try connect using my mobile data when away from home I can no longer switch between my 4 accounts. My mobile data is working fine. Any ideas how to get around this problem?

So why can you not switch? Any error message or similar?
Just “I cannot switch” is not enough information to help…

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When using mobile data it says unable to connect to server and does not allow me to change to my other three accounts. How much more simple can that be?

I have ample data loaded and full signal so its not a poor connection. It allows me to swop accounts on wifi. The moment I try use mobile data it doesnt allow accounts to be switched.

Hiya @Milamber,

I’ll assume you’ve done all the usual basic stuff like trying to restart the device etc…

I’m not 100% across how to switch accounts as I personally have not done it (just use a second device)

If all else fails, try contacting support:

Sgg support also has an article on account recovery which may be of help:

I have four accounts. Ive played them for over a year using wifi i could change between these accounts with no problems. I now use mobile data and this is the message it throws up everytime i try swop my accounts. This is obviously a problem with the game as i have ample data loaded and full connection signal on my device. My other three accounts are unloadable and thats a really big problem as one of those accounts is a alliance leader. Ive tried every option i can on myside now for three days. This is a problem on SG side.

Three weeks unable to log in. With new update released yesterday I’m unable to even access update page in google play. I’ve deleted data in app settings and cleared cash for both the game and google play. No luck.

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