Unable to Summon HOTM/ HOTM Summoning Issues

So I have spent lots of money into this game for several group pulls. after numerous pulls, I cannot seem to pull a single HOTM. I know its suppose to be by chance, but you should be able to pull at least 1 HOTM after SUMMONING 120+ HEROES. That’s a lot of money for zero results. Has anyone else encountered this issue?


Welcome to the world of RNG. :rofl:

And that’s the ugly truth.

120+ pulls in a single event or total up in a few months.

Took me over 150x pulls to get Zim in Oct 2018 (stupid Halloween!) and I still failed to get Victor.


sadly you still had 20.8% probability to have any HOTM… so I think it isn’t issue.

Well, same here like AirHawk.
I play now around 220days.
Spending every month around 50€, just got Zim since them (I’m still happy about her)

So let’s say I have pulled at least 30times each month if possible, I spend most on Atlantis (I really want to have tarlak) and yet just Zim…
Soo yeah this game is anyoing about rng…

Edit : I totally forgot about my real friend, he didn’t payed one euro and alrdy pulled 7 5stars… In like half time that I play… Sad


I have a complaint.lol
Getting way to many HOTM. I have received 4 of them in 5 single pulls. What are the odds hey?
Please give me a 5* I haven’t got instead.



I have a complaint: my main account have 50+ pulls without pulling HOTM bonus.

Meanwhile my alt account got HOTM bonus is its first pull… I want it transfered to my main account…



I have a complaint. I’ve saved 18 epic hero tokens to get Margaret and got her just for the second token. Now what am I supposed to do with the rest of my tokens? That’s ridiculous!


Just use them up on getting 3*s , you will have that disappointment in the bag then, only problem is you probably won’t have anything left to complain about then, lol.


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Thanks man was having a (friendly) argument in my alliance



How did you submitted a post without 20 chars :laughing:




Basically when calculating the odds of getting a 5* or a HOTM you can’t just add up the % chance and say to yourself “ok if the % chance of getting the HOTM is 1% that means if I summon 100 times (cause 100 times 1% = 1 summon of a HOTM) I will DEFINITELY get a HOTM”. There’s this stupid math thing called binomial statistics you can look up if you get really bored and it uses this big long equation that you have to use if you want to answer this question: “if the chances are 1% each time I try to get something that I will get it, what are the odds I will actually get it if I try XXX amount of times?”

This is basically the question you are asking when you are trying to figure out how to get a HOTM. You know the chances are around 1% EACH TIME you do a legendary summon. So, you want to know what the odds are that you will get a HOTM if you do, say, 10, or 25, or 100, or 1,000 legendary summons. Because the odds of you getting a HOTM do NOT add up (EACH time you legendary summon, EACH legendary summon has a ~1% chance of getting a HOTM), to calculate the odds of getting a HOTM you HAVE to use binomial statistics to do the math right.

The things you have to know for the math are: how many times you are going to try for a HOTM, the odds of getting a HOTM for ONE summon, the odds of NOT getting a HOTM for one summon (which is just 1-the odds of getting one in a single summon), and how many HOTM you are trying to get (in this case just one, but you can get greedy and try to figure out what the odds are if you want to try for 2, or 5, or even 100 out of 100 legendary summons).

You shove all this data into a complicated equation that uses factorials and square roots and exponents and all kinds of mystical crap and it gives you a single number answer; the percent chance of you getting a single (or more if you’re greedy) HOTM for however many legendary summons you input into the equation.

I did the math before and let me tell you it’s truly abysmal.

I used way more optimistic numbers. I wanted to know what the chances were of getting ANY 5* hero during a peak event like Atlantis. My conditions were:

  1. I would summon 50 times
  2. I only wanted 1 single 5*
  3. Because of the nature of Atlantis, the odds of getting a 5* on any single one summon were about 3.9%

After doing the stupid math, the rate was… horrible. The percent chance of getting a 5*, ANY 5*, was around… drumroll please…


That’s it. 40% after 50 summons. And 50 summons was ideal. Increasing it to 100 summons did not help much. It’s just the way the math works; because there is a 3.9% chance on EACH single summon, the percentage chance over time peaks at about 50 summons. The only way I could get the odds to increase was to change how many 5* I wanted. If I told the equation I wanted 2 5* over 100 summons, the odds went up to about 45%, that’s it.

So, really long story short, considering that the odds of HOTM are WAY smaller than getting a 5* during Atlantis, the odds of getting any HOTM at all are pretty low. I lucked out early on and ended up with a Frida and count myself very lucky.

Just know that with these %/lottery systems, math ain’t exactly your friend.

Yes… I agree should be a gurenteed if a 30 pull…

The chance is more like 3.76% per draw.

The easy way to calculate your chance of getting at least 1 5* hero is to note that it’s 1 - chance of getting 0 5* heroes.

You have a 96.24% chance of NOT getting a 5* hero on a single draw. If you string 50 of those in a row, the probability of that happening is 96.24%^50 = 14.72%.

Since probabilities across possible outcomes must sum to 1, if that’s the chance of NOT getting any 5*, the chance of getting at least 1 5* is:

1-14.72% = 85.28%

You have an 85.28% chance of getting at least one 5* hero in 50 Atlantis summons.

Im with Ozy1 on this. I cant stop pulling HotMs. Ive been playing for almost 5 months but ive only been putting money for 2 and a half. I have no use for 6 ranvirs and 2 margs. The 4 seshats i have, on the other may all get levelled at some point. My 5* drop rate at its highest was slightly under 11%. Its dropped a little and is just under 10% right now. Im hoping the hero academy will let me get some good use out of the dupes i dont need. Or if trading ever gets implemented, my alliance members will be pretty happy

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