Unable to Summon HOTM/ HOTM Summoning Issues

So I have spent lots of money into this game for several group pulls. after numerous pulls, I cannot seem to pull a single HOTM. I know its suppose to be by chance, but you should be able to pull at least 1 HOTM after SUMMONING 120+ HEROES. That’s a lot of money for zero results. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

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Welcome to the world of RNG. :rofl:

And that’s the ugly truth.

120+ pulls in a single event or total up in a few months.

Took me over 150x pulls to get Zim in Oct 2018 (stupid Halloween!) and I still failed to get Victor.


sadly you still had 20.8% probability to have any HOTM… so I think it isn’t issue.

Well, same here like AirHawk.
I play now around 220days.
Spending every month around 50€, just got Zim since them (I’m still happy about her)

So let’s say I have pulled at least 30times each month if possible, I spend most on Atlantis (I really want to have tarlak) and yet just Zim…
Soo yeah this game is anyoing about rng…

Edit : I totally forgot about my real friend, he didn’t payed one euro and alrdy pulled 7 5stars… In like half time that I play… Sad


I have a complaint.lol
Getting way to many HOTM. I have received 4 of them in 5 single pulls. What are the odds hey?
Please give me a 5* I haven’t got instead.



I have a complaint: my main account have 50+ pulls without pulling HOTM bonus.

Meanwhile my alt account got HOTM bonus is its first pull… I want it transfered to my main account…


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I have a complaint. I’ve saved 18 epic hero tokens to get Margaret and got her just for the second token. Now what am I supposed to do with the rest of my tokens? That’s ridiculous!


Just use them up on getting 3*s , you will have that disappointment in the bag then, only problem is you probably won’t have anything left to complain about then, lol.


Removed by me as i Posted in wrong thread

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