Unable to summon any of the event heroes

I did 62 event summons and did not receive a single event hero. I also noticed that when doing the pulls the images for the event heroes was garbled and did not show their images correctly. I know it is all based on random numbers but is it supposed to be possible to not get any event heroes at all? (I also did not get any the last time the event ran)

I know others who seem to get multiple 4 star event heroes in a single 10 pull so it seems like there may be a problem with my account for this event. I’d appreciate any assistance.

It’s like a casino…nothing is wrong with it, just the drop rate is horrible. That image you see has ben going on and off for me too and others and it’s fine. I did three pulls of 10 and managed to get 3 merlins 1 lancelot Elena Sabina and Tiburtus.

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As has been said, it’s random. In 7 10× pulls, I got two event heroes in separate sets of rolls, Morgan in the 5th set, Lancelot in the 6th. In the eighth try, I got 3 Lancelots, a non-event 4*, Arthur, and another non-event 5*, Lianna and stopped.
My ongoing entertainment budget for the next month gave a sigh of relief after that, even though after all those rolls plus another two elemental 10× near the beginning of the month, I still don’t have Aeron.

I’ve noticed a display glitch too both in titans and sometimes on portal heroes (you see the silhoutte, but the hero is totally white).
I guess is more a visual bug than something RNG related, but can’t say for sure.


Its really strange you didn’t get a single event hero… the 4* are showing up more often than months behind.
I made 89 pulls

5* = Azlar, Justice, Leônidas, Lianna (no event 5* for me, it was all I wanted)
4* = I consider myself lucky on that matter, I got 35 from 85. It’s a pretty high % and most get a lot more 3*. I got 6 Merlin and 5 Lancelot from event
3* = 50

As bonus I got SIX Aeron, wanted one just to keep, don’t even know if will invest on him…
End of the day, I had awesome pulls and awesome %. But I’m really feeling disappointed and frustrated, sorry about that. I want so bad a event 5* but it seems to go far far away from me…

I’m just curious: did you do single pulls or 10x pulls?

8x10 pulls and 9 single

After that I bought today’s offer and made another x10 and 2 single… Little John, Kiril, Kelile, Lancelot and rest 3*. All dups.

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