Unable to retrieve full hams

I’ve not been able to retrieve full hams! I came on 3 different times today and my food level should be well over 2 million. I barely made 1 million. I haven’t used any hams in game today. The same goes for iron



Is your food/ham storage already full?

Assuming my back of an envelope maths is correct, you can make just under 65,000 ham an hour assuming your watchtower, farms and advanced farms are all maxed. That’s something like 1.5 million in 24 hours. 1 million is about 15-16 hours - these seem to be the numbers you’re getting, no?

If you need more ham try raiding, filling chests, farming, using harvesters or resource bundles.


@EngOran, nice reply, My farms are not fully levelled quite (but it doesn’t really make a material difference to me at this stage). I max out at 1.25 million per 24 hours.

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