Unable to replay levels after completing Story Season 1

I finished the missions map and defeated the last boss.
Now it appears “STORY SEASON 1 COMPLETED”. Completed all battles in Story Season 1.
But now I can not enter the map, I can not farm old levels anymore.

As a result,
I won’t get resources, crafting materials, I won’t be able to complete Monster Missions as effectively, I won’t be able to gain XP and level up… soon I won’t be able to train new heroes because of lack of material and recruits… Basically, I just won’t be able to play anymore unless Season 2 is launched.
Is anyone having same problem?

I talked to other experienced players, and even though they have also completed the map they are still able to farm old levels.
This gives me a big disadvantage. I’m stuck while others are progressing.

Is that some kind of bug in my account?

If anyone could help me clarify this issue I would appreciate.

(Sorry for any grammar mistakes. English is not my primary language).

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You should be able to enter the map at will. If you get an error message while trying to, please screenshot it and contact the game:


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I just spotted your post about being unable to get back into lower levels of the game hiding in the General Discussions category. I’m pretty sure you have had this fixed by now, but wanted to check in anyways. If you are still having issues then please use the in game button in the Options menu in the game, or go to https://smallgiant.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new to put in a ticket to support. The email that Rook gave you is no longer the best way to reach the support team at Small Giant.

Also, for the future, if you have a problem with the game either write support directly, or post in the Bugs and Issues category in the forum.


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Coppersky, feel free to edit any of my out of date posts; things change! :grin:

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It’s not really a recent change I guess, but the info isn’t getting passed quickly.

I am having the same issue. I cannot go back and redo missions after I completed chapter 23. It says Season 1 completed.

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You are clicking other levels, say 5-8, 9-1, 16-9?

Problem is solved. Thanks.


how solved? can you share how you did it? i can’t do farming after completing the map!

Click on the map icon at the bottom left of your Stronghold screen and you should be able to select a region to farm.

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