Unable To Remove Hero From The War Team

I’m not sure if this in fact is a bug but it seemed the best place to put this post. When the alliance wars were first introduced I opted to battle for my alliance and picked a team to do battle. However, I wanted to remove a team hero from my war team but I can’t. It continues to say that hero is a member of the war team and isn’t selectable to remove. I actually wanted to feed that hero to another stronger hero. I even removed ALL heroes from all teams and still it says that hero is a member of the war team showing the hero dark (grayed out?) and can’t do anything with him. On the alliance war screen showing the opposing alliance (just before going to the battlefield) I did uncheck the box that opts me out from alliance battles. Still no go and the hero I want to remove is still a member of the war team. I’m new to E&P playing only about a month and still trying to figure out how everything works. Hope I’ve made my problem clear enough. I’ve tried everything to free up this hero from the war team but no luck.

Thanks in advance…

Are you referring to your defense team or attack team?
You cannot change your defense team during the war.
If this is about your attack team - you know you can only use each hero once? If you already used him in an attack, he will be greyed out and you will have to choose a different hero.
Another thing - I don’t know if it is a good idea to uncheck the box during the war - you might be put into spectator mode (can anybody confirm or refute this?) and then cannot continue to battle.

That would be interesting to find out, I don’t wanna try though as I don’t wanna let my alliance down.

I think you answered my question, Witch. Thanks for the reply. The war has to be over before I can change any team members. I wasn’t sure if my team was strong enough to be a part of an alliance war and contribute to my alliance team so the reason I unchecked the box. Most of the opposing team members were pretty strong in the current war we’re in now. I should have researched the opposing alliance before deciding to be a part of the battle.

as a side note, I’ve tried finding a user manual for the game covering general aspects of how to play but guess there isn’t one. This forum is probably the best option for learning the game and what does what and how. There’s a LOT to learn in playing E&P.

There is a place you can go to learn the game but sorry I don’t have the site at this minute. Your alliance also should be there to help you. Once you are matched for the war you don’t want to uncheck the box. You want to do your best and that is all anyone can ask if you. We have our lower ones do clean up until they get stronger and understand what they are doing. The alliance members should help you more then anything. Don’t ever think you are to small. If your members don’t help and you have questions I am on line under rainbowcathy75 and will be then happy to help if I can.

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Thanks, Rainbow. Your points are well taken and the members of the alliance I’m in are helpful. I just need to ask. I did find a general guide for the game and it’s been helpful. I know picking a weaker member of the opposing team just makes sense since I’m pretty low yet on strength. I get whipped pretty bad and probably will continue to be until I get my heroes are strong enough to compete.

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