Unable to progress while resource flooded


Hi there, would like to know if ppl have similar problems. I am at level 24 and have 3 level 4 heroes.
. getting level 5 heroes takes forever as you need a lot of gems and luck
. ascending my level 4s to the last level not possible as the items needed are extermely scarce
. upgrade times for buildings so long that i am always iron capped, impossible to spend on anything
. as there are not enough troops to train my troops also food capped.
So I have started wondering what I am playing for. i make almost no progress and it will take forever to get stronger heroes.

anyone recognize the problem?


Let’s see:

I am at level 29 and have 8 level 4 heroes.

  • I don’t worry about level 5 heroes because I’m still leveling my 4* ones (though I have maxed three of them).
  • Being part of a high level alliance, fighting every Titan I can and participating in every aspect the game has to offer (Quests, Wanted chests, Rare Elemental Wanted chests, Mystic Vision, etc) has given me enough ascension material to upgrade 8 level 4 heroes—though not necessarily mine because some of the material is for different color heroes.
  • I’m iron capped until I raise my Forge high enough to start building high level items: bombs cost 33k iron, dragon attacks cost 70k iron, timestops cost 96k iron. Each.
  • Again, on food, I turn to my Forge and make high level potions: Super Healing Potion cost 60k, Super Mana Potion cost 82k. In addition to the Forge, you can also use your Training Camp lvl 13 to try and MAKE a 4* Hero (costs 265k food. Each.). You are guaranteed a 3* Hero, but you might get more.

This is what I do with the “problems”. :slight_smile: