Unable to play Trial of Strength

One member of my alliance couldn’t play the Trial of Strength for the life of her, receiving this message

She assures that she’s not playing through a proxy, she tried common things like restarting phone, restarting game and changing connection, but nothing worked. Anything else works, quests, AW, chat, titan and so on.

On the lower right corner of the screen you can see her game account if that can help.

Any help is much appreciated

I had the same exact problem until a few hours ago. I went somewhere with better WiFi and it worked. Have her try that. I went to a library.


Is it a Trial of Strength or a Trial of Patience? If she can connect to the game, why would she need better wifi to connect to the Trial? That’s silly. Now she missed her chance at the 24 hour quest because Trial of Wifi Strength? What’s the big deal with the proxy anyway? Is this an other way to hold down the free to play players?

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I doubt it has anything to do with f2p players especially if we don’t know she was f2p

I had barely any signal today and played just fine but did see a teammate with similar issue. Curious to see how many more had this issue today

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To troubleshoot: 3 available suspects are: internet connection, device and the game.

I still feel it could be connection issue, why not change to a different connection source to be sure.

If the situation persist after changing to a different internet connection, then it can be narrowed down to device or the game.

Certain connections especially at work does not allow game to be connected even if they are incredibly fast. This has to do with the firewall that has been set. Buy the IT guy some lunch and ask him to give your friend the backdoor. :joy:

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So far it seems the problem is not isolated and that most of the other guys with the same problem had actually connection issues. However, consider that everything else worked for her, so I’d exclude work firewalls (she was about to go to bed, btw), and it seems strange to me that an event that is played by the player alone is subject to connection issues, while other things that require continuous synchronization with server and other players like AW or game chat do not

I have actually had this same issue sometimes in December last year, for unknown reason the game won’t connect on my iPad, but would connect on my iPhone, iPhone was running on cellular internet connection, while the iPad running on WiFi, two different sources of connection.

Besides, I powered up iPad and down, reset the wifi, no change, well since it was fine on the iPhone, I didnt have to worry much, after a day or so it return back OK on the iPad, then I knew the wifi source was the culprit.

Please, notice that the OP is a problem playing the Trial of Strength alone, she can connect to the game to do anything else

She should file a report with support then? The earlier the better as other quests are on the way.

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It happened to a member of my alliance who plays on android. One day after the game crashed, it restarted and everything was perfect until he selected a battle, then this message. Again and again whatever he tried. Solution was to open the game on another android he was logged to and using that device instead. Looks like there was some corruption in the game but everyone was worried to suggest a complete reinstallation. The support ticket wasn’t open for this case as a workaround was found. So, if your member doesn’t have a spare device, then support is the only place to help.

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Happened to me a couple of times that the game didn’t want to let me play Mystic Vision and I solved in a similar way, using a different device. A convenient way to play the game on another device without actually having one is using an emulator for the pc. I use https://www.bignox.com/ for Android, in case it can help anyone.
I’ll suggest this solution too, thanks

This might be flagged, using a third party link to play the game is not recommended, not sure if posting such link on the forum would be acceptable neither.

Afaik it is not supported, but not even forbidden as long as you don’t use the emulator to cheat in some way. Of course if the game crashes or you have issues while you play on an emulator you’re on your own

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@alcaselzer I thought the same thing. I could raid, do the map, and even other quests. I just couldn’t do the trial. I got the exact same screen every time. I switched my connection and then it worked. Though maybe that was a coincidence? It’s weird that only the trial wouldn’t work.

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