Unable to participate in alliance wars at all

I am unable to see war in progress and participate. Other alliance members can see me in the war as a defense team, but I am unable to attack or see the active war going. It does not even give me the spectator option. If I attempt to opt out, it says I must first complete the tutorial. I have already completed. image

This sounds like it may be an issue specific to your account potentially.

I recommend you #contact-support and explain that you’ve already completed the War Tutorial, but are being prompted to again, and don’t see an option to complete it.

I am unable to join alliance wars. Nor see an active war.

Hi again!

Did you contact Support yet?

I followed the directions but it just guided me here.

@Terraj If you got directed back here, you must have picked a different option somewhere along the way instead of Support.

Here are screenshots of the process for contacting Support:



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I’ve had issues in the past when I hit “sign in”. For the three previous support tickets I used, I simply bypassed sign in and hit submit a request.

Worked fine for me each time. One of our other members found the same thing with signing in and did it the way I suggested, also with success.

It’s certainly worth a try!

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