Unable to open game after updating to V29

I’ve been getting this error message since I updated the game this morning.

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I got one similar just today after updating. “No value for mandatory field collectedrewardtypes”.
Hope it gets fixed soon, frost March is up :frowning:
Already opened a support ticket.

Hi Duncan, if you are still experiencing this, would you kindly submit a ticket to our Player Support so we can take a closer look.

I have the exact same error.

Also having the same issue here. iOS and game have been updated. Not sure what else to try besides deleting app and re downloading. Sent in ticket. Hope to get a response soon :frowning:

Any server issues? Cannot log in for 30 minutes now

UPDATE: cannot login while using my wifi connection at home. Mobile data connection works. Wifi is not broken as I am able to write here for example

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game wont connect on android 29.0.1 also using wifi.

sometimes connects but loses connection in few seconds

Same for me here in Switzerland, independent of device or connection type…using iOS

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Hello! I write from Slovakia, The game not work on wifi for me and my wife, Android, last update.

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Hello! We solved the connection problems with delete data of game. Another solution Is the reinstall of the game! It work! :+1::wink:

I have had a similar problem on my android. I have tried wifi, phone data, restarting phone, checked for compatibility, uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing has worked. I already submitted a help ticket but have not heard back yet.

So I heard back, but the solution was about updating the game. I updated just fine. But now I cannot open the game. Hoping for a new reply soon.

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