Unable to level Heroes sufficiently and raiding

I’m just ranting at this point because I’m so frustrated with not being able to ascend heroes due to the ridiculous rarity of ascension items. I have a Lianna and I’m on tier 3 without enough materials to ascend her to the final tier. Why am I essentially being compelled to shell out money? A force to make purchases reduces the value of your game to simply pay-to-win. Additionally, the raiding system is unbalanced. It would seem that heroes on the opposing team gain mana too quickly. Kashhrek is an average Mana earner, but when I fight opponents using him, he seems to gain mana way faster. The same for slow heroes as well. And because I’m not gaining enough in terms of materials, I’m constantly attacked by users with more powerful heroes, and I cannot compete. Token appearance also seems to occur more often for hero colors I’m not using. For instance, if I use 2 holy heroes, 1 ice, 1 nature, and 1 dark hero for my team, a greater number of fire tokens appears. It’s ridiculous, and I would rather not participate in raiding at all. Also, there aren’t better rewards in the heroes mission just because I made it to a higher tier. It would seem that I’m getting the same types of rewards in platinum as I do if I just stayed in gold tier. Then what the hell is the point? Sorry, but these issues do not make the game fun.


Not sure what you mean with that. You can get the 6 necessary mysterious tonics that she needs if you complete the Shrikewood quest every 2 months. Other than those yeah they drop randomly but if you play and do all your objectives you may one day get the items you need.

Spending money just speeds up getting the epic ascension items, but not by much. They aren’t on sale normally, you have to wait for a sale of them, and those deales are limited to one purchase per player. So you can’t exactly “shell out” money and get all those items… Everyone’s gotta play and wait.

There is plenty of advice in this forum regarding raiding. To steer you in the right direction:

  • Check the opponent team to see if they are using any high level troops that increase Mana.
  • Hitting an enemy hero with tiles causes them to gain a small amount of Mana per tile.

That later point is why the defender usually charges first. It is like this to give the defending team some advantage, since the raiding system already gives an advantage to the attacker: Raids are unfair, but not for the reasons you think)

It feels that way sometimes, but everyone gets bad boards:

What you’re experiencing is confirmation bias. I’ve had those days too. Luck is part of the game and ultimately it is just something that needs to be accepted to enjoy it.

If you get lots of the color you don’t use, then try to clear them out as fast as you can. Then cross your fingers that the following tiles are of the colors you need.


I had 2 green and a purple waiting to ascend but luckily after about a month I got 1 pair of gloves and leveled my purple. It is very frustrating not being able to progress through only 5*s I have.

Raids have gotten worse, especially in wars. Doubling a color means more damage done. So it’s designed for those selected colors to appear only about 25% of the time. Everytime a new tile appears the game generates a random percentage 1-100 on the color to be choosen. This has been noticed alot by everyone for healers. Very frustrating.

Last, try use colors to setup combos. It’s the only way you will ever win since using specials is the key to victory. Unfortunately enemy heros or monsters get a direct attack vs 1 target and you are subject to having your standard attack possibly split between multiple targets. There have been posts in the past about ways to improve combat, but it wont be changed. My idea was the enemy super charges by the color tiles u activate, not by the hits. Far better method…

OMG Anvil, I share the same problem leveling up my Liana as well!! I’ve been stuck on level 3 for over a month. It’s depressing. I suffered spending money to level her up only to get stuck here endlessly.

It was only RECENTLY that I was lucky enough to get the final component I needed to level her to tier 4 (it was the mysterious tonic). I feel you bro.

One month?

(Hold my coffee)

It took me 10+ months to get six rings for the final ascension of a red hero. And that’s with consistent activity filling chests, titans, raiding, war hits.

That’s the game. Loot is mostly random, the only guarantees are the rare quest. challenge and seasonal event rewards. In comparison I have a bunch of scopes and noone to use them on right now.

It’s hardly pay to win if you paid for hero pulls or used a hero token and got Lianna way before you could ascend her. There’s some stuff you have to play for.

Additionally, the raiding system is unbalanced. It would seem that heroes on the opposing team gain mana too quickly. Kashhrek is an average Mana earner, but when I fight opponents using him, he seems to gain mana way faster. The same for slow heroes as well.

I seem to recall reading several times on different post, that the defenders have a 20% advantage on attackers.
20%+ mana make a average heroe into a fast.
That the way i undertant it, i assume a team with a 2500 score is more like a 3000 team.
That why I’m not a fan of raids
My 2 cents.
Have fun

I stayed for about 5 months with all my 5* at 70 one each color… . Once I got the 6th tabard I got all the 6th scope, tonic, dart and rings. That’s wath the game is. And now for another 6th months I leveled again all others 5* and in a year and ahlg I’m running to a third time

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