Unable to launch game since last update

Error connecting. Actually not connecting at all. Android ver 32.1 build 1336

Asking for a friend

[Removed account identifying Screenshot]

Have you (or your friend rather) tried killing the game completely and restarting? Do that through list of running apps.

Have you (or your friend rather) checked network (or data) connection is good? Can they surf the web ok?

Have you (or your friend rather) tried restarting the phone?

If that doesn’t work try contacting SGG directly, although I’m not sure how to do that without being in the game. Maybe tag @Petri?

I also just updated again. Unable to connect. I uninstalled and reinstalled. NOW again, my game has reverted to the beginning as if I never played before! I have been playing for three years! This is getting VERY FRUSTRATING. Can you please restore my game?

After I updated earlier this week, the update to fix the log in problem, I now started taking much longer to log in and it says I’m using a proxy, which I am not. Then it logs in, but as of this morning I can no longer enter levels. I don’t know what to do and someone directed me to here.

I’ve been getting the proxy thing for months off and on.

What I will usually do (but I don’t know if you’re playing from a phone) is just turn WiFi off and log in, then I’ll turn WiFi back on and it will be solved. I also don’t know why, but for some reason it won’t give me the MVs on WiFi usually, so I end up turning it off, watching the MV on data, then turning it back on.

Turning the phone off and back on also sometimes helps if you’re getting the proxy message.

I also notice the proxy message come up a lot if I’m trying to play from a WiFi that I’ve never played on before. Nothing I can really do there except just disconnect from that WiFi and use data.

Did you save the game on Google Play or Apple? You need to log in again to restore the game after reinstalling.

So I need to uninstall and reinstall?

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