Unable To Join 2* Raid Tournament

As the title suggests, I get the following message after selecting Join:

Furthermore, I’ve logged out, etc and still have the same problem

Wow, there is a nice way of stating that.

Fyi, I’m unable to get in at all

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If you have at least 5 1* or 2* Heroes on your Roster then you’ll be able to join.


Which I do, the weird thing is that the message states to read the tournament banner…a tad hard when you can’t even get there lmao

You don’t see this screen before clicking the Join button?

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Lmao…after cleaning my glasses yes :grimacing::nerd_face:



I should just move this whole post to the RCT :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Don’t worry, I’ve posted dozens of stupid things on here. And my glasses aren’t even dirty. :laughing:


I feel like such an idiot lol, but at least I provide you all with entertainment.


Entertainment is literally the only thing I bring to the forum. Lord knows I don’t have any useful information. :smile:


Can’t join the new tournament. Getting same message as the person above posted with same popup

Save some feeders. When you have 5, you can join.

Hi, I am unable ti participate in the new raid , I get the Message that I have to chose 5 heroes ???

Are you fielding 5 x 2* heroes?


You need to have 5x 2*s (unlevelled/levelled) in your hero roster to join.

Hi i am unable to participate in raid . It says i need to have 5 heros that match the raid criteria. But i have several heros that matches and there are no defense team slots appearing for selection of defense team either

Well @MrsBCW, at least you are in good company. If I didn’t make a fool of myself at least 3 times a day the wife is checking to see if I’m ok.

I was just trying to convince the lower members of my alliance to give the tournament a shot as they have many leveled 2*…unfortunately they also need to be level 14 or higher. This was a requirement I wasn’t aware of, and don’t really understand?


You may have to do this

I call it: the girls night out+ cuddly :grin:
May actually keep them for fun.
Throw in a few 1 and let them ride.
Have fun.

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So I went to the tournament and found I could not enter ANY hero because they wanted ALL 5 and I can not be sure I even have 1 of those required for the rule! Who else has this problem and who are those “rushing” heroes?
I am frantic!

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