Unable to get into alliance


Hi Petri, I have a friend who has just changed her alliance and the attack button is black not blue and won’t work so she can’t attack the titan and will get kicked off the alliance if she can’t fix it, she has put a post in the bugs part of the forum but has had no response, any suggestion what is wrong? Regards Janelle

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The anti-cheat function must’ve been triggered. Tsk tsk. :wink:


anti-cheat function? lol!


I haven’t heard of any issues regarding the attack button. Any chance this self resolved?

First thing to try is to update to the newest version of the game, 1.8.

If she’s still having problems have her use the in game report function to send a ticket to Small Giant’s support team. (I’d say technical issue.) If your friend is still stuck with the old 3 button support options, have her use this link.

If you let me know which alliance, I’ll see if I can find some friends willing to donate hits for a bit while she’s getting this fixed. That way her alliance will still be able to take care of their titan, and she won’t get the boot. :slight_smile: Tag me with an @Coppersky so I catch your message though!


actually, just checking in. Your thread title is ‘Unable to get into alliance’ but your post is saying that it’s the titan attack button that isn’t working. Could you confirm that it’s only the attack button that’s a problem? Then you or I can fix the title of the thread to properly reflect the topic.