Unable to fight in war due to Spectator Mode status

I am unable to participate in any Alliance Wars due to the fact I am stuck in Spectator Mode for the last 4 Wars. I do not know why this is happening except for I changed up my defense team. I was not participating in a war at the time I made the change to my defense team. I do not have the option to choose Heroes I want to use in the war.
I am level 25.
I have never left the alliance.
I have not sacrificed any of my heroes for leveling up.
I play the game about every 3 hours throughout the day so I would not think I would ever have the chance to be regarded as inactive.
I have 5 Heroes set up in my defense team.

Can anyone help me get out of Spectator Mode and participate in the wars?

Have you entered a support ticket in game? Sounds like a glitch to me

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