Unable to connecting V62

Earlier v61.0.2 has the same issue, after successfully connected unable to play raid, league, tournament and titan.

Then found v62 and upgrade, and now unable to connect again.

I wonder if only me have this issue.

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Look Santa is on the vacancy

You can contact support here if this issue persists:

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The developpers have made many modifications on the Unity stuff and the way the game was compiled since the version 61
This is why the game now is riddled with bugs/glitches/freezing
And tbh they care about the ios players more than the android ones

Just successful enter the game, but can’t play

Raid players avatars come back but still cannot play

And unable to do levelling and farming as well.

Titan window back to normal but still unable to play

After 24 hrs update to V61.0.2 and delete the game and download v62.0.0,

1 mapping and quest need wait, unless Replay

2 raid need rolling 5 to 15 minutes to start. There’s 1 beta league started rolling at 19 minutes before new league energy reloaded, the game started after the reload and count to the new day

3 since raiding time too long i have quit the next alliance war

4 titan so far can attack in a period. The new titan i have no chances to hit.

5 hero levelling sometimes is rolling too.

6 some heroes are missing to their cards.

7 the new portal is missed with the selected heroes.

I think only me have this issue.

After update I have this problem since yesterday:

Connecting only…

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Check the version is V61.0.2 ir V62.0.0 , if the v61 then you need to delete abd download v62, but the running take time.

I try to on for more than 30 minutes to login, every activity also take time to roll.
Need huge patience.

At last im sorry to hear that you have the same problem.

How to check my version if I can’t login? I can login on my phone, but my phone didn’t request update, only on my pc emulator.

For Android go to Settings then Apps. Find the Empires :crossed_swords: app and tap to open the App Info page. Scroll down and the version number is at the bottom.
(Exact steps may vary slightly dependent on your flavour/version of Android.)

Sorry, but I have no idea on the IoS equivalent.

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My ver. is 62.0.0 How to degrade my version :slight_smile:

My actions were talk to the help center 1st, then running the apps and let it rolled for about half hour. During rolling i were reading a news for 5 minutes and then off the news apps and go back to the rolling EnP apps simultaneously and finally found it had suddenly downloaded the data. So at the ends successfully login the game.

Remember never off EnP apps.

So far nobody from help center talk to me.

I got stuck at the black screen with the SG logo ! I can’t go on so no money from me then. The money goes spent elsewhere.

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Look like you are using Bluestack, there is a thread about this problem :slight_smile:

I have noticed every time i were opened the game, SG logo is go downward anout 1/6 of the height of the logo, is this related to the issue we faced?

I’m having a lot of delays in connecting and a few more disconnects. Like when I reroll for a raid opponent it just shows the connection issue icon for a few seconds or sometimes 30 or more seconds. This seems to be another bug that I’ve encountered recently, I think the latest update must be a lemon or something because the game worked so much better a few months ago.

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