Unable to connect to this game. Blocked IP?

Recently I am unable to connect to this game using my country service provider mobile network.
my ipv4 is […], I shall not put my ipv6 here.
I have to use a VPN to access the game. Are you guys blocking this network? Since many people are connecting to the same mobile cell, your game may detect this as a proxy or something.

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Sometimes using a proxy server can cause connection problems. Maybe try force closing the game, disconnect from your VPN, then try reconnecting.

I’m not using any proxy. But I am guessing the game detect the mobile network as a proxy.

It might. Try disconnecting and reconnecting. Hopefully it will help

done that a million times

Sorry, friend. That’s all I got, although I might suggest you edit your post to redact the IP address for your own security. SG will need it when you submit a support ticket, but the forum doesn’t need it.

Maybe try clearing game cache, restarting phone or checking for any phone system updates or game updates

Sometimes it has to do with the internet service provider, try to change to another provider or use a wifi of a different network to see how it goes.

I’m not sure what the problem is, but you can certainly contact SG via Request:

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