Unable to connect after raid tournament start

Unable to login. It seems to be broken again.

Already a crush. Middle-purchase. Starts good. :smiley: :smiley: I hope I get my gems at least. :wink:

I am trying from India GMT +5.5.

Same. Won my first battle, then I got kicked out.

I have the same problem

Same here…after doing first stage got kicked out…

Not good at all !!!

Same here, Australia. Server down. Was just about to start the Teltoc event… sigh.

What the â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  idiot sorry for language but no others words

It is wonderful to know that the developers have taken yesterdays outrage of the gaming community to heart. They obviously want to know how much their fanbase can take before quitting and going for another game. Good going guys! I sincerely hope you achieve your goal of loosing the players as fast as you want them to quit!

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Well I guess this is what happens when the raid tournament and challenge event have the same starting time :rofl:

Same problem here, I won my first match, got no tournament score at all then kicked out of server, now can’t log back in, first the war trouble, now this?

It started working now.


Same!Here we go again it seems like a serious problem with raid tournaments… First the war now this…

I was unable to connect 5 min ago in France. It is working now. I played the first challenge stage. :slight_smile:

There is a certain bug about points system, how someone does not have any hero on the battlefield could possible join tournament? Come on guys, look at the 6th place, nick name “Saw”. If you re not able to make it working well, dont try to make it then… It is unfair…

This is so lame from the company! They earn MILLIONS and can´t provide a stable server set up!

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