Unable to attack war opponents, even after being reserved

I have in two separate wars tried to attack an opponent and when I pressed the button to attack, after having chosen my team, I was kicked out and it flashed up that someone else was attacking them.

Last war this also happened to another member in my alliance and I was the one attacking the team he was looking to fight.

This doesn’t happen every time and I don’t know why or how it happened in the first place.

We have had similar experiences. We had 2 instances where we selected an opponent, built a team, then when we went to attack it said something about no opponent being specified or no opponent being available and we had to reselect and redo setup (sorry, I didn’t catch the exact error message).

Second, we were attacking Omatel with a team of 5, when using special skills, they seemed to not cause damage in some instances. For example, fired Prisca’s special skill and the animation went off, but no numbers or miss information displayed and Omatel’s hitpoints did not change. Prisca did not have any debuffs at the time.

This has happened to me twice today.

There is a timer on the reservation. I’m not sure how long it is, but if you take too long to set up your team, the system will release your reservation in the field. You won’t see a notification on your screen, but others can see the opponent is no longer reserved on the field. Does this sound like what you experienced?

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