Unable to advance Stronghold 17 as max iron counts are wrong

I am at Stronghold 17. Iron stores are at level 17. In order for me to upgrade to 18 - I will HAVE to spend gems because the upgrade quantity for the Stronghold exceeds the iron capacity.

You’re missing an Iron Storage.

A 5th one unlocks at Stronghold 15, you just need to build it.


Or did you maybe convert an iron store into a barracks? If so, convert it back, and then use a forge to convert to the barracks.

If so, it would need to have been a while ago. That stopped being possible some number of releases ago.


i cant remember exactly the numbers, but all mines have storage in them and if they are currently low you need to upgrade them as well

That part doesn’t matter for building, since it’s only the iron stores’ capacity that counts toward your ability to execute a building.


Good to know that
Never bothered to count the storage or focused if the actual mines storage does count all i know is that you can have 2295k of iron :rofl::rofl: ever since i finished the collect iron mission i dont care how much i spend or collect


Also, what level is your watchtower? If it isn’t leveled up, you’re missing out on iron storage from there.


Correct. See links.



Stronghold 10k
Iron Storage level 17 = 360k

360k x5 +10k= 1,810k total
360k x4 +10k= 1,450k total



* Storage buildings cannot be converted to Barracks anymore.(linky, linky)

Storage ( linky, linky)

Areas ( linky, linky)



Oops. Sorry @zephyr1. I forgot you cannot convert storage buildings. I really should leave giving advice to the experts like you!
Anyway, bottom line is OP should have 5 iron storages by now, and that should be enough to progress.


When i first started playing I ran into the same frustration of not having enough iron to upgrade. I always thought “this time I’ll have enough” … nope!

On my 2nd profile I did it differently. I just kept building my mines and storage and then did the stronghold last.

Either way gets you the same result, but the journey is much less frustrating.


You are missing an iron storage somewhere. I’m at exactly the same place as you and have 5. So look around, it should be there somewhere

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Iron Storage from the Watchtower is like the Mines — it only counts for storing Iron before collection.

It doesn’t contribute to total Iron available for building.

@Gryphonknight has this correct that the only “extra” storage beyond the Iron Storage buildings is 10k in the Stronghold.

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Look for a open space,maybe you never set up your 5th storage?

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@CelestialGrocery3 it looks like you’re missing an iron storage or haven’t upgraded your 5th one high enough yet.

Can you take screenshots that cover your entire base? We’re visual people here and could really use those screenshots to figure out your issue :grin:

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Thanks so much all for the responses. My 5th iron storage wasn’t created. I totally missed that:-). Thanks again all!


Good luck, only a 4 day wait for level 17! :wink:

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